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Thanksgiving Day, 2009

Local, Relationships, Thanksgiving

There are so many things I’m thankful for, this Thanksgiving Day, 2009.  Not just the obvious things, like a new fiance’, or that I’m still happily, gainfully employed.  I’m thankful for the blessings God has granted me. My beautiful, intelligent children.  My mother being put on the list as a candidate for a lung transplant.  All of the people I communicate with daily, using this marvelous Internet.   And of course, not the least, though I have listed it last, my health.

I look forward to seeing my son, and his new wife, this evening, as they come visit, on their merry rounds, trying to keep all the new in-laws happy.

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Linux as an Active Directory Domain Controller

Internet, Italy, Microsoft, SCO

As some of you might know domains with active directory are a great way to make sure that your users are able to have a consistent experience across any machine they login to, while also providing adequate security. If you didn’t know that, well now you do.

You might also know that a copy of the Microsoft products to do the job aren’t cheap, and aren’t cost effective if you have a small business or want to set up a domain at your home.

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Education, and the Economic Stimulus Package

Advocacy, Economics, Education, Technology

President Obama has signed into law the Economic Stimulus package. And there’s money there for education. This is the good thing. On the other side of the coin, money for education in the bill was scaled back, and now is no larger than the educational funding of the past few years. So while it looks like this is a new source of funding for educational improvements, in many ways, it’s just putting back what’s been cut over the past few years.

The stimulus package’s educational spending is earmarked for technology and infrastructure. This is a necessary area for educational spending, and for the past few years, has been trimmed far too much. But in addition to infrastructure, the money needs to go to better tools.

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Women and Men

Advocacy, Relationships, Society

I have previously written about chivalry and how it is not dead, but it is picking out burial plots. This post is written for several reasons, the first that comes to mind is the fact that this has been bugging me for a while now and it needs to be yanked out into the open, skeletons, while neat decorations at Halloween don’t need to be left in the closet for years.

To all of the women who are reading this post, if you are looking for a knight in shining armor, who will ride in on his faithful white stallion to save you and make your life everything you ever dreamed of… I’m afraid they haven’t existed in about 600 years. However there are still a few nice guys left. That would love you and treat you with respect and compassion. That would do their best to make you happy.

They are hard to find. Most of the time they are passed over, they are the best friend, the companion to go to when shit has hit the fan and the chips are down…. They hold your hand when your hurting, they are your shoulder to cry on when your sad. They stand beside you and defend you to your friends and your enemies. They ask nothing in return. They simply wait.

While they might not be knights on horses… They are all that remain of an ever dieing breed.

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Obama Birth Controversy will Start Riots, Damage Constitution

Ethics, Politics, Society

A lawsuit filed in August of this year, by Pennsylvania Democrat Philip J. Berg is the ticking time bomb hidden in this year’s election madness.

The constitution of the United States requires that the president must be over 35, in the country for at least 14 years, and a natural born citizen.

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Blog Action Day: Poverty

Blogging, Economics, Ethics, Society

Today is Blog Action Day, a day when bloggers take time out from whatever their normal subjects are, to focus a spotlight on attention on issues that matter.  This years subject of Poverty is entirely appropriate, considering the fact that the US economy, and the World economy, seem to be spinning out of control.

But, before we consider our shaky financial situation to be impoverished, think about all those people in the world, who don’t even have a roof over their heads.   The teeming crowds of Calcutta’s street people, who’s only “valued possession” is their meter and a half of sidewalk, at a specific location on the street, where they and their family have been sleeping for the past 3 generations.  We don’t have it bad, by half, yet.

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As an American, I am Ashamed of This

Politics, Society

This is completely wrong, and I can not stand the thought that some other person, calling themselves an American, saw fit to put this image up in the name of “political debate”.

Growing up, I thought of America as a shining example of all of the best things in the world, a place where people could disagree, without resorting to the baser instincts.  I saw this country as someplace where I could believe differently than you, and not have to worry about whether the thought police, were going to suggest I should be killed.

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Who Owns America?

Economics, Politics, Society, The Economic Beat

It might surprise you to know the answer to that question.  The common understanding is that We, the People do, but that’s not anything like the truth.

America’s assets are owned by foreigners.  Lots of Foreigners.  The Chinese have $1.4 trillion (that’s $1,400,000,000,000) in foreign assets, and nearly 70% of that is held in U.S. Dollar denominated assets.  Whether it’s in conservative, low-yield instruments like Treasury notes and federal-agency bonds, or showy, high risk stock equity deals with American companies, China has a very large stake in our economy.  

How has this come about?

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