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Peace has returned to Zangon Kataf -Community leader
Written by Ibraheem Musa, who was in Zangon Kataf   
Sunday, 07 March 2010 02:26

Since the creation of Atyap chiefdom following the recommendation of Air Vice Marshal Usman Mu’azu committee which investigated the cause of the religious crisis in Zangon Kataf in 1992, the area has known perfect peace, Mr Kanwai Dogara Bainta, the president of Atyap Community Development Association has said yesterday.

Mr Bainta who made this known during the Ayet-Atyap Cultural annual festival which held at the Agwatyap palace in Zagon Kataf, further said that apart from a few occasions where the association has had to intervene to resolve misunderstandings, the area had largely been without rancour.

Religious crisis erupted in Zangon Kataf in 1992 where thousands of lives and properties worth millions were destroyed following dispute over the sitting of market. The Justice Benedict Okadigbo tribunal was set up to try suspects which included retired Major General Zamani Lekwot, former governor of Rivers State. He was found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging but the Babangida administration commuted the death sentence, to life sentence. He was pardoned afterwards.

In his welcome address, Mr Bainta said that the annual cultural festival used to hold at Atyeku Mabaro, the traditional and cultural centre of Atyap people. He said that holding the festival at the Agwatyap palace was being done in order to attract people to contribute towards the construction of the palace. As the Agwatyap moves to his palace, the people will now celebrate next year’s festival at Atyeikum Mabarado, he said.

Expressing delight for gracing the occasion, Bainta thanked Governor Namadi Sambo and Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, the Kano State governor and Special Guest of Honour for personally attending the occasion. He reminded Shekarau that the people of Atyep migrated from Dala to Bebeji in Kano State, down to their present abode in Zangon Kataf.

In his address, the Agwatyap, Dr Yusuf Harrison Bungon praised Governor Sambo for sustaining peace in the state, adding that the government’s security outfit "Operation Yaki" had played a major role in bringing it. He called on his people to support government to bring lasting peace in the state. The royal father advised parents to bring up their children in line with their culture and to either educated them or teach them some skills.


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