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Eagles Sign WR Hall
March 11, 2010 | Last Updated: 3/11/10 2:48 PM ET | Comments (24)

The Eagles today announced they have signed WR Chad Hall to a three-year contract. Hall, 23, is a graduate of the Air Force Academy and has spent the past two years serving as a second lieutenant at Hill Air Force Base in Salt Lake City, UT, after a prolific collegiate career. 
A three-year letterman at Air Force, Hall (5-8, 180) was a triple threat in his college career at running back, receiver and returner. He was named the Mountain West Conference offensive player of the year as a senior in 2007 after becoming the only player in the nation to lead his team in rushing yards (1,478), receiving yards (524 on 50 catches) and all-purpose yards (2,683), while adding 16 total touchdowns (15 rushing, one receiving). A first-team all-conference selection that season, Hall led the conference and ranked third nationally with 208.7 all-purpose yards per game.

In addition, he broke school records for most rushing yards (275) and all-purpose yards (333) in a game, both done vs. Army on November 3. Hall finished his career as the school's all-time leader with 4,098 all-purpose yards (2,606 rushing, 780 receiving, 712 return). He also posted 77 career receptions and 24 total touchdowns (21 rushing, three receiving).
Hall will add competition at wide receiver and could make an impact as a kick returner. Check the home page of later for a full interview with Hall.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 2:47 p.m., March 11
Eagles Sign WR Hall
5:40 pm ET
im a lil confused at this move, we signed baskett, extended avants contract, why did we get this guy also? also in the interview with chris hall was saying how he could be the slot reciever......isnt that avants job?
11:17 am ET
I like this signing, it is a low risk and you never know this kid may be great. I am an Irish fan and I remember watching him run all over the field. Good luck Chad!
9:03 am ET
Chad Hall will be the next Wes Welker!
10:38 pm ET
Great to see a fellow Airman signed to my team. Hope he can make it. Yo, this guy is an USAF officer in maintenance, I was an F-16 E/E journeyman tech as well. Knew some guys stationed at Hill, a depot level maint. base. This guy had some amazing #s, we'll see. I'll bet the farm, he will work as hard as anyone to make it, "we live in fame, or go down in flames, HEY, Nothing can stop the USAF!"
9:58 pm ET
I'm and USAFA grad c/0 2007 and Chad Hall was the fastest thing on the field! I was impressed. Never expected to see him in the league but if he can make the team he'll be like a Tim Dwight.
9:46 pm ET
well lets see we have desean with the short speedy guy and we have desean as a great great punt returner and we have demps for kick returns so why do we need him i say great he is a great addition but what and where do we use him jason is by far better than him so they wouldn't put him in instead of jason so i don't see where he fits in
9:24 pm ET
ahahahaahaha, codiro that was great. i think this is a great signing, i could see him as a darren sproles at WR. and hes an american hero at that.
9:22 pm ET
birdcrazy is right.... the Eagles need to sign bodies, add competition + their well known philosophy is to address every position before the draft so there aren't any glaring needs. Contracts are irrelevant, he still has to make the team. Eagles need to add WR depth and competition with Brown gone and possibly Curtis in the near future. They only have Norwood and the other kid...
7:48 pm ET
Hall could be a great addition to the team...phi11, you said you hope he can jump. Why, he is short enough to catch the balls that Donovan throws to the ground hahahahaa!
5:40 pm ET
Great Job Lt! Congrat's! You will be missed here @ Hill! Good luck from all the men and woman in the Accy Flight!
5:26 pm ET
shut up wibinga i hate how every fast white guy is compared to wes welker. There's more than one fast white guy in the nfl so stop calling everyone that
4:58 pm ET
i guess the best news is his knees havent been ruined by years of skiing moguls like jeremy blooms. this guy might have some use
4:46 pm ET
wes welker, maybe?
4:10 pm ET
at 5'8 i sure hope this guy can jump! i sure hope this works out!
4:09 pm ET
Don't really like the move; guys been out of football for two years, hes one of those undersized receivers who lacks the explosive speed like a Desean Jackson, hopefully he could become something like a Wes Welker(hopefully). Yea, hes a potential Special teams weapon but they already have multiple threats at the position and you can only use one. Overall, seems like a cheap way to get out of a pick
3:43 pm ET
good signing, i herd he is a good kickreturner so we will be deadly if hobbs returns to philly ( i dont know if he is but if he is cans omeone notify me) so we can get touchdown in KR cuz when hobbs got injured we sucked in KR
3:32 pm ET
Nice signing!! I remember watching this guy the year before last and he was tearing up, hes fast as hell..solid signing and another low risk high reward guy for the 4th/5th WR spot and a helluva KR option if for some reason Hobbs doesn't retain that duty..possibly mold him into an enviable PR so Jackson doesn't have any injury risk there? OVERALL: GREAT SIGNING!
3:28 pm ET
Jeremy Bloom For President!
3:23 pm ET
All this is telling me is that we are trying to eliminate another potential draft need. Judging by what the Eagles have done this off-season at the WR position. Unless another top WR (Golden Tate) drops to us at 24 then we will most likely NOT draft a WR. If we do, then it might be day 3 of the draft 6th or 7th rnd pick. We have 3 quality starters in Jackson, Maclin, and Avant. Dumped the dead weight in Brown. The one question mark is does Curtis come back healthy or does a youngster step up and take #4 and/or #5 spot.
3:20 pm ET
Sheez..if this team ever does win a SB a lot of these fans will have to go out and get a real life..have you ever heard of "camp bodies"? No contract is guaranteed in the NFL. Quit being so friggin negative and try a positive approach to Eagle fandom. Go Phitens!
3:20 pm ET
mfd932, the only Jeremy Bloom mistake was cutting him before the season opener and allowing Greg Lewis to give up a fumble for a touchdown. I hope in the later rounds we draft a WR with some height or convert Ingram to WR ... the speedy midget squad is nice but not a fade route threat
3:10 pm ET
oh yes just what we need at this time another WR. Cause we are so great at every position like DE and FS and LB. I know WR was at the top of my wish list.
3:06 pm ET
Can u say Jeremy Bloom!!!! Didn't we learn from that mistake?!?!?
2:56 pm ET
Ive never heard of this guy and the FO signs him for 3 years. Could we have a diamond in the rough?

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