“If decent, honest and hard-working people don’t get involved in government, then government won’t be decent, honest and hard-working.”

Dan Winslow, Massachusetts Lawyers Journal, March 2010


Taxes and Spending

State spending is out of control.  Instead of tightening its fiscal belt like all families have done, our state government has hiked taxes, depleted the stabilization fund, and shifted hardships to towns by cutting local aid.  I will propose to cut taxes by cutting state spending.  We can stop waste and fraud, create cost-effective reforms, and encourage entrepreneurial government.  The worst thing to do in a recession is to increase tax burdens.  Tax freedom day, the day when people have earned enough money to pay all their taxes for the year, arrives on April 16 in Massachusetts.  People should not be paying more when we could do a much better job with the tax revenues we already have by making government work smarter.  I pledge never to support an increase in tax burden while I serve as your State Representative.


As of December, unemployment in our towns ranged from 6.6% in Medfield to 11.3% in Plainville.  Experts are predicting a “jobless recovery” even when this recession ends.  There is no such thing as a jobless recovery to a person who doesn’t have a job.  I have pledged not to accept any increase in legislative salary (legislative pay is adjusted every two years, but legislators are not required to accept raises) until unemployment in ALL of our towns is less than 5%.  For me, jobs are Job One if I am elected as your State Representative.  I will work to create private sector jobs by reducing the costs and delays of job creation, promoting growth of new business in Massachusetts, and by supporting changes in the business tax code to make Massachusetts more competitive for job growth.

Local Services

I believe that the best government is that government which is closest to the people and most directly accountable to them:  town government.  I will work to enhance local cores services, such as education, police/fire/public safety, and infrastructure.  These services directly affect the quality of life of most Massachusetts residents and provide the best value for our tax dollars.  In the past, state government has rewarded communities that do a poor job of managing their finances while cutting aid to towns that do a good job of managing their finances.  I will support reform of the local aid process to reward regionalization of local services where appropriate and to give towns the incentive and tools necessary for best fiscal practices by cities and towns.

Government Integrity and Transparency

Three House Speakers in a row have been indicted for criminal conduct.  Public jobs are awarded or kept on the basis of political connections and cronyism rather than merit.  A culture of corruption and entitlement on Beacon Hill is bad for Massachusetts and undermines public trust and confidence in government.  We need to break the political monopoly in Massachusetts and sweep the House clean.  Competition is good for business and it’s good for the political process.  If elected, I will propose greater use of the Internet to improve government accountability and transparency.  I will propose meaningful reforms to our unsustainable pension system, personnel hiring process, campaign finance and election laws.  The people deserve better than the Legislature we have and we can change that on November 2, 2010.  I ask for your vote to make a difference together.

Constituent Services

As the Governor’s Chief Legal Counsel, every state agency lawyer directly or indirectly reported to my office. I understand how to get things done in state government and how to solve problems. If elected as your State Representative, I will have the best constituent services in the State House and help residents navigate their way through state government. You can contact me anytime for help as needed.


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