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ICU4J · input method editor (IME) · international brand development · International Components for Unicode (ICU) · internationalization · interpretation · ISO/IEC 10646


1. The process of enabling a product at a technical level for localization.

2. the process of designing an application so that the feature design and code design do not make assumptions that are based on a single language or locale. Internationalization simplifies the creation of different language editions of a program. One goal of internationalization is to ensure that international conventions (including rules for sorting strings and for formatting dates, times, numbers, and currencies) are supported. Another goal is to design the product in such a way that users will experience consistent appearance and functionality across different language editions of a product. Internationalization is often abbreviated as I18N. The abbreviation is formed using the first and last letters of the word (I, N) and the number 18, which specifies the number of letters between the I and the N.

3. The process of ensuring at a technical/design level that a product can be easily localized.

(Source: LISA Glossary)

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