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Thank you for visiting MikeCox2010. I know you are here because you care about bringing Michigan back. By working together, we can fight to turn Michigan around.

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Press Release – Cox Calls on MEA to Put Kids First, Support Immediate Education Reform (Posted March 10th, 2010)

Legal News Line – Cox helps thwart HMO purchase (Posted March 9th, 2010)

WLNS - Lansing – Cox Endorses Schuette for Attorney General (Posted March 8th, 2010)

Detroit News – Huckabee endorses Mike Cox for Michigan governor (Posted March 3rd, 2010)

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9 & 10 News – Townhall Meeting Outlines Plan to Fight the Flying Fish (Posted February 17th, 2010)

Up North Live – Asian Carp Concerns Addressed In Traverse City (Posted February 17th, 2010)

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St Patrick's for mass and then the Detroit Parade to celebrate the contributions of Eire to Michigan. The Irish spirit trumped the rain :) (10 hours ago)

Heading home from Monroe after stops in Royal Oak, Saginaw, Flint, and Troy. Talked A to Z, from jobs to ccw reciprocity to rainy weather :) (yesterday)

Laura and I are still drying out from the Royal Oak St Patrick's Parade. Thanks to the 30 crazies who walked with us. Heading to Flint (yesterday)

Thanks to the hundreds who came to our 8th annual St Pat's bash. Great music, great dancers, and great people (yesterday)

Started yesterday @ sad funeral for 26yr old Officer Bonneau killed in line of duty. Sad reminder of what police do for us. (yesterday)

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Volunteer of the Month

Dori Rose
Canton, MI

Dori Rose served our country as a medic in the United States Navy. Her and her husband John (also a veteran, but for USMC) now have a family to fill up their days and nights.

Despite running to all the different events for her family, she has spent many hours volunteering for the Mike Cox campaign. Dori is willing to lend a hand wherever it's needed, whether it's making calls, painting signs, or collecting signatures. We really appreciate her long hours and her vigor, and that why she's our Volunteer of the Week.

"I believe Attorney General Mike Cox is the right guy for Michigan's next Governor for many reasons. First of all, Mike is a Marine. His years of service to his country, community and state are a proven record of his Corps values: Honor, Courage and Commitment. He also has a plan ready to go that can and will turn this state around. When it comes to fighting for this state and its people, Mike is a bulldog that won't back down from a fight...especially from special interest groups. We need to get Mike Cox in Lansing to set this plan in motion. That is why I support Mike's campaign and volunteer my time to help to get this state back where it belongs!"