Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

  • by Alicia Ashby
  • September 15, 2009 00:00 AM PST

The plot mostly concerns Bowser's attempts wrest control of his destiny back from the endlessly quotable Fawful, who's trying to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom using the goofiest methods possible. Fawful isn't new to Bowser's Inside Story but he really takes on a life of his own here, hilarious in every single appearance. The whole game manages to be funny from beginning to end, a feat few games can manage.

Bowser's Inside Story is a game that will have you laughing one moment and cursing the next but you'll enjoy doing both. The cutscenes and challenges are equally entertaining, if in very different ways. Bowser's Inside Story works hard to make sure it's never boring or mindlessly repetitive and quite nearly succeeds. It's a must have for any DS owner, especially fans of the Mario universe.

PROS: Beautiful 2D graphics; solid combat; everything Fawful does and says is awesome
CONS: Too much mandatory button-mashing, feels gimmicky at points

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Rocking, Editor's Choice! I'm just about to put mine in and play... very excited.


Jeto12 wrote:

shotgunzzzz wrote:


Oh big deal.

By the way i'm not really that kind of person, i actually get pissed when others do that so yeah.


CONS: Too much mandatory button-mashing,

.....err umm......thats suppose....oh forget it...

anyway great game it deserves to do well


I am totally getting this along with Scribblenauts!!! I cant wait for Phantasy Star 0 though.

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