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Jennifer Morrison Talks About Her Exit from House and If She'll Be Back...

Jennifer Morrison Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Fans who tuned in to tonight's episode of House saw Jennifer Morrison's Allison Cameron walk out on both her man (Jesse Spencer's Robert Chase) and her job at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital. So Cameron's gone now, and gone for good, right? Well...maybe.

Confusion continues to reign about the future of Cameron on House, and when we caught up with Jennifer Morrison tonight at the Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray premiere party, we got the feeling that Morrison herself was pretty unclear on whether or not she'd be back.

She's got her head held high, though, and here's what she actually said tonight on the red carpet at the beautiful Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles:

So what's in store for Cameron after tonight's episode? Morrison says, "I don't think anyone really knows...they're always just a couple of episodes ahead, and [executive producer] David Shore has always been very true to the writing of the characters and what he believes them to be." Morrison says that Shore is currently trying to figure out the truth of where Cameron's supposed to be right now, and "if she fits into the hospital...and as far as I know, they don't know. So that's what I know."

And what's the truth about various reports that she's either still a regular or that she might do guest star visits later this season? Answers Morrison, "I'm still a series regular, technically. I really don't know. All I know is that I don't know. And they keep making it very clear to me that I don't know. I feel bad [because I wish] that I had an answer for people. But, uh, anything could happen I guess." (Does anyone else feel terrible that Morrison's been put in the awkward position of having to answer Q's about whether or not she's lost her job without her really even knowing the answer?)

Morrison does know, happily, how much fans support her right now. She said, "I don't read anything online, because if you read the good you have to read the bad, and if you read the bad, it's depressing, so I just avoid it altogether, but...even with avoiding looking at stuff's really been really overwhelmingly beautiful the way the fans have been supportive. I couldn't thank them enough. It means so much to me that the people watching like my character. You couldn't ask for more as an actor."

Jennifer Morrison is awesome. Now, what do we do about this fine mess we TV watchers have gotten ourselves into? Would you rather just have closure on Cameron from the producers, or are you willing to live in uncertainty for a while longer on the thin hope that Morrison's House work status transitions back onto more solid ground than "technically still a regular"?

Meanwhile, the fabulous Bad Robot-conceived, J.J. Abrams-directed Star Trek movie (in which Morrison stars as James T. Kirk's mother) comes out Tuesday on DVD and Blu-ray. House airs Mondays nights at 8 p.m. on Fox. We think you ought to consume both in mass quantities. That is all.


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