[Note: Over 250 scientists have already signed this open letter and signatures are still being collected. On Friday, March 12, 2010, the letter was sent to federal agencies. The vast majority of the signers are climate change scientists who work at leading U.S. universities and institutions. They include both IPCC and non-IPCC authors. Additional signers include professionals from related disciplines, including physical, biological and social scientists. To return to the text of the letter, please visit this page.].


    If you are a scientist wishing to add your name to this letter, please complete the form below.
Letter Authors:

  1. Gary W. Yohe, Wesleyan University and Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
  2. Stephen H. Schneider, Stanford University
  3. Cynthia Rosenzweig, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Columbia University
  4. William E. Easterling, Pennsylvania State University

Additional Signers:
  1.  Tom Adams, University of Georgia
  2.  Anurag Agrawal, Cornell University
  3.  Laurel J Anderson, Ohio Wesleyan University
  4.  Richard E Andrus, Binghamton University
  5.  Warren W Aney, Senior Wildlife Ecologist
  6.  Richard Anthes, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
  7.  Jon M Antle, Montana State University
  8.  Nan Crystal Arens, Hobart & William Smith Colleges 
  9.  Britt Argow, Wellesley College
  10.  Lillian Ashcraft-Eason, Bowling Green State University
  11.  Mark Axelrod, Michigan State University
  12.  Paul Baer, Georgia Institute of Technology
  13.  Tony Barnosky, University of California Berkeley
  14.  Roger Barry, University of Colorado
  15.  Juliet Berling, Binghamton University
  16.  Joseph Bernardo, Cornell University
  17.  Celine Bonfils, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  18.  Guy P Brasseur, National Center for Atmospheric Research
  19.  Annette Brickley, Challenger Learning Center of Maine
  20.  Wil Burns, Santa Clara University School of Law
  21.  Nancy J Byrd, Mirror Lake Protection Association
  22.  Lawrence B Cahoon, University of North Carolina Wilmington
  23.  Michael Calkins, New Mexico State University
  24.  Mariah S Carbone, University of California, Santa Barbara
  25.  Nina Chaopricha, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  26.  Terry Chapin, University of Alaska
  27.  Barry Chernoff, Wesleyan University  
  28.  David A Cleveland, University of California Santa Barbara
  29.  Neil S Cobb, Northern Arizona University
  30.  Jonathan J Cole, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
  31.  Robert S Coleman, The Ohio State University
  32.  Joseph C Colosi, DeSales University
  33.  Roger M Cooke, Resources for the Future
  34.  Susan A Crate, George Mason University
  35.  Ellen J Crivella, CHMHill
  36.  R Laurence Davis, University of New Haven
  37.  Damon Delistraty, Washington State University
  38.  Elizabeth R DeSombre, Wellesley College
  39.  Steve Dickman, State University of New York - Binghamton
  40.  Francis J DiSalvo, Cornell University
  41.  Kathleen M Dixon, Bowling Green State University
  42.  Tracy Dobson, Michigan State University
  43.  Richard D Doctor, Argonne National Laboratory
  44.  Francine L Dolins, University of Michigan-Dearborn
  45.  Samir Doshi, University of Vermont
  46.  David Downie, Fairfield University
  47.  Cliffort S Duke, Ecological Society of America
  48.  David R Easterling, NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center
  49.  James Eflin, Ball State University
  50.  Aaron M Ellison, Harvard University
  51.  Sophia Engel, Lund University
  52.  James E Evans, Bowling Green State University
  53.  Brian D Fath, Towson University
  54.  Jonathan Fink, Arizona State University
  55.  Matthew L Forister, University of Nevada,  Reno
  56.  Ian Foster, University of Chicago/Argonne
  57.  Allan Frei, Hunter College
  58.  Peter C Frumhoff, Union of Concerned Scientists
  59.  Bill Fulkerson, University of Tennessee
  60.  Fabrizio Gabbiani, Baylor College of Medicine
  61.  Deborah Rigling Gallagher, Duke University
  62.  Josh Galster, Montclair State University
  63.  Frederick R Gehlbach, Baylor University
  64.  Orin G Gelderloos, University of Michigan-Dearborn
  65.  Thomas W Giesen, Oregon State University
  66.  Peter H Gleick, Pacific Institute
  67.  Eban Goodstein, Bard College
  68.  Vivien Gornitz, Columbia University
  69.  Julian W Green, University of South Carolina Upstate
  70.  Alden Griffith, Wellesley College
  71.  Eric C Grimm, Illinois State Museum
  72.  Jude W Grosser, University of Florida
  73.  Robert L Grossman, University of Colorado (retired) and American Meteorological Association
  74.  Peter Guttorp, University of Washington
  75.  Peter M Haas, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  76.  Brian Hagenbuch, Hartwick College
  77. " Nelson G Hairston,  Jr", Cornell University
  78.  Alan Hamlet, University of Washington
  79.  Michael Hanemann, "University of California,  Berkeley"
  80.  Carol Harden, University of Tennessee
  81.  Robert Harriss, Houston Advanced Research Center
  82.  Anthony S Hartshorn, James Madison University
  83.  David Hassenzahl, University of Nevada Las Vegas
  84.  Robert T Heath, Kent State University
  85.  Michael K Heiman, Dickinson College
  86.  Brian Helmuth, University of South Carolina
  87.  Lamont C Hempel, University of Redlands
  88.  Jeffrey A Hicke, University of Idaho
  89.  Paul F Hoffman, Harvard University
  90.  Michael P Hoffmann, Cornell University
  91.  Richard Horan, Michigan State University
  92.  Peter W Houlihan, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  93.  John J Hren, North Carolina State University
  94.  Matthew Huber, Purdue Univesity
  95.  Bruce A Hungate, Northern Arizona University
  96.  David W Inouye, University of Maryland
  97.  Detelina Ivanova, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  98.  Robert Jacob, Argonne National Laboratory
  99.  Charles Jackson, University of Texas at Austin
  100.  Dale Jamieson, New York University
  101.  Gregory V Jones, Southern Oregon University
  102.  R Christian Jones, George Mason University
  103.  L Alex Kahl, Rutgers University and Palmer Station,  Antarctica
  104.  Darrell S Kaufman, Northern Arizona University
  105.  Patricia M Keilbach, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
  106.  Marcus M Key, Dickinson College and the University of East Anglia
  107.  David E Kitchen, University of Richmond
  108.  Peter LK Kneupfer, Binghamton University
  109.  George W Koch, Northern Arizona University
  110.  Michael E Kraft, University of Wisconsin – Green Bay
  111.  Michael A Kruge, Montclair State University
  112.  Kelly Kryc, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
  113.  Gabriela Kutting, Rutgers University (Newark)
  114.  Venkat Lakshmi, University of South Carolina
  115.  Patricia Romero Lankao, National Center for Atmospheric Research
  116.  Neil Leary, Dickinson College
  117.  Tali D Lee, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
  118.  Robert Lempert, RAND
  119.  Mark D Levine, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  120.  Sydney Levitus, World Data Center for Oceanography
  121.  Richard L Lindroth, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  122.  Karen Litfin, University of Washington
  123.  Thomas E Lovejoy, The Heinz Center for Science,  Economics and the Environment – George Mason University
  124.  David Lusch, Michigan State University
  125.  Michael C MacCracken, Climate Institute
  126.  David C Major, Columbia University
  127.  Thomas F Malone, Retired - AGU,  AMS,  NAS,  ICSU
  128.  Charles A McClaugherty, Mount Union College
  129.  Brock R McMillan, Brigham Young University
  130.  Linda Mearns, National Center for Atmospheric Research
  131.  Gerald Meehl, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
  132.  Joseph P Messina, Michigan State University
  133.  Evan Mills, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  134.  Elizabeth Milroy, Wesleyan University
  135.  Ronald B Mitchell, University of Oregon
  136.  Gregory Moller, University of Idaho
  137.  William R Moomaw, Tufts University
  138.  Kailen Mooney, University of California at Irvine
  139.  Nathan Moore, Michigan State University
  140.  Brian W Moores, Randolph-Macon College
  141.  David Morrison, NASA Ames Research Center
  142.  Susanne C Moser, University of California-Santa Cruz & Susanne Moser Research and Consulting
  143.  Stephen Mulkey, University of Idaho
  144.  Meredith Ferdie Muth, University of Virginia and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  145.  Benjamin Naecker, University of Texas at Austin
  146.  Ronald P Neilson, Oregon State University
  147.  Riley Nelson, Brigham Young University
  148.  Richard B Norgaard, University of California,  Berkeley
  149.  Valentine Nzengung, University of Georgia
  150.  Rick Oches, Bentley University
  151.  Mary O’Connor, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
  152.  Dennis Ojima, Colorado State University
  153.  Jennifer M Olson, Michigan State University
  154.  Michael Oppenheimer, Princeton University
  155.  Catherine O’Reilly, Bard College
  156.  Richard S Ostfeld, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
  157.  Jonathan Overpeck, University of Arizona
  158.  Mike Palmer, Oklahoma State University
  159.  Michael Papaik, Sonoma State University
  160.  Christopher Paradise, Davidson College
  161.  Edward Parson, University of Michigan
  162.  Jonathan Patz, University of Wisconsin – Madison
  163.  Rolf O Peterson, Michigan Technological University
  164.  Shelley B Petroy, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp
  165.  Tom Phillips, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  166.  Thomas Piechota, University of Nevada,  Las Vegas
  167.  Karen R Polenske, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  168.  Gregory A Pope, Montclair State University
  169.  Susan E Powers, Clarkson University
  170.  Robert B Richardson, Michigan State University
  171.  Eric M Riggs, Purdue University
  172.  J Timmons Roberts, Brown University
  173.  G Philip Robertson, Michigan State University
  174.  Michael Roden, University of Georgia
  175.  Terry Root, Stanford University
  176.  Joseph Rouse, Wesleyan University
  177.  Brad Rowe, Michigan State University
  178.  Dana Royer, Wesleyan University
  179.  Steven Rudnick, Retired,  University of Massachusetts Boston
  180.  Steven W Running, University of Montana
  181.  Summer Rupper, Brigham Young University
  182.  Philip B Russell, NASA Ames Research Center
  183.  Krystal Rypien, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
  184.  Dork Sahagian, Lehigh University
  185.  Nicanor Z Saliendra, University of Maryland,  Baltimore County
  186.  Robert L Sanford, University of Denver
  187.  Robert J Santoro , The Pennsylvania State University
  188.  Ron Sass, Rice University
  189.  Dave Schimel, NEON,  Inc
  190.  Joshua Schimel, University of California,  Santa Barbara
  191.  Lee Schipper, Global Metropolitan Studies
  192.  Paul Schopf, George Mason University
  193.  Miranda Schreurs, Freie Universitat Berlin (US scientist)
  194.  Edward Schuur, University of Florida
  195.  Kevin G Sellner, Chesapeake Research Consortium
  196.  David W Seybert, Duquesne University
  197.  CK Shum, Ohio State University
  198.  Laurence Simon, Brandeis University
  199.  Michael Singer, Wesleyan University
  200.  Jack W Sites,  Jr, Brigham Young University
  201.  Adam Joshua Smargon, University of Delaware
  202.  Joel Smith, Stratus Consulting,  Inc
  203.  Kirk R Smith, University of California,  Berkeley
  204.  William Solecki, City University of New York
  205.  Richard CJ Somerville, University of California,  San Diego
  206.  Gerilyn S Soreghan, University of Oklahoma
  207.  Gus Speth, Yale University
  208.  James R Spotila, Drexel University
  209.  Paul F Steinberg, Harvey Mudd College
  210.  Paula Steinker, Bowling Green State University
  211.   Ronald Stoner, Bowling Green State University
  212.  Anthony W Strawa, NASA Ames Research Center
  213.  Kenneth Strzepek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  214.  William Sullivan, University of Illinois
  215.  Sonia Sultan , Wesleyan University
  216.  John Swaddle, College of William and Mary
  217.  Sarah Swope, USDA ARS Exotic and Invasive Weeds Research Group,  Albany CA
  218.  Philip L Taylor, Case Western Reserve University
  219.  Claudia Tebaldi, Climate Central
  220.  Richard E Teets, Delphi Research Labs
  221.  Philip G Terrie, Bowling Green State University
  222.  Pam Thinesen, Century College
  223.  Robert H Thomas, Consultant to SIGMA Space and NASA/Wallops
  224.  Dennis Tirpak, Retired from EPA and OECD
  225.  Kevin E Trenberth, National Center for Atmospheric Research
  226.  Robert W Turner, Colgate University
  227.  Stephen R Turns, The Pennsylvania State University
  228.  Cornelis J van der Veen, University of Kansas
  229.  Moira van Staaden, Bowling Green State University
  230.  Johan Varekamp, Wesleyan University
  231.  Robert L Vertrees, Ohio State University
  232.  Norman J Vig, Carleton College
  233.  Robert K Vincent, Bowling Green State University
  234.  Edward Vine, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  235.  Caryl Waggett, Allegheny College
  236.  Mort Webster, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  237.  C Susan Weiler, Whitman College
  238.  Judith S Weis, Rutgers University
  239.  Sheri Wells-Jensen, Bowling Green State University
  240.  David A White, Loyola University
  241.  Tom Wigley, National Center for Atmospheric Research
  242.  Thomas Wilbanks, Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
  243.  Mick Womersley, Unity College
  244.  Warren W Wood, Michigan State University
  245.  Kateryna M Wowk, University of Delaware
  246.  Tamin Younos, Virginia Tech University
  247.  Craig Zirbel, Bowling Green State University
  248.  Douglas Zook, Boston University