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Eagles Release DE Howard
March 18, 2010 | Last Updated: 3/18/10 4:53 PM ET | Comments (9)

The Eagles on Thursday announced the release of defensive end Darren Howard, who had been with the team since the 2006 season. In that time, Howard recorded 21 1/2 sacks, including 5 1/2 in 2009. Howard worked into the rotation at left defensive end and at times he moved inside when the Eagles used their nickel defense.

Signed as an unrestricted free agent prior to the 2006 campaign, Howard had 5 sacks in his first season as an Eagle, one in 2007, a team-high 10 in 2008 and then the 5 1/2 last season.

"Darren Howard has been one of our most productive and versatile members of our defense in the last couple of years," said head coach Andy Reid. "He is nothing but a solid player, leader and person on and off the field."

-- Posted by Dave Spadaro, March 18, 4:46 p.m.

Eagles Release DE Howard
12:43 pm ET
Sianara Howie!!!
11:24 pm ET
Great thoughts from connerchew... and myheartpumps...Parker becomes the rotation man, maybe Victor steps up too. Nab some high round talent at DE in the draft and we should be solid at DE for the next few years. Bring in a beast of a nickel DT through trade or draft and then move onto cleaning up the LB situation!
7:47 pm ET
Thinking the FO knows they are going to get a lot of downs out of letting go one of the DE from the rotation was feasable...Don't be surprised if that move prompts a selection of a DT in the draft, and DT will be the new rotating position on the line....
6:17 pm ET
i would say " good luck finding a better rotation DE" but with the siging of tapp, jaqua parker is the new howard. next year we'll cut him too.haha. i get a reallyy good vibe from tapp. he seems ecstatic to be playing for philly( a winning team at all) i say he'll post a solid 8 sacks, and contibute in a great way in the run game. the front office is having a great off season. hopefully they keep it up,
5:52 pm ET
Long term wise, DE should be addressed through the draft. Short term wise, the Eagles might look to trade 4 an additional DE, unless of course they're sold on Tapp and the depth they currently have. Either way, another DE will most likely be brought in.
5:38 pm ET
This move falls right in line with the philosophy of the youth movement in Philly. Most of the 30+ players have been cut. Howard had a solid run with us and should be able to find a home somewhere. I think the Eagles could have got a late round pick in next season's draft for him but I can definitely understand the rationale behind this move. With CBA ??? this is another move to keep financially sound for the future.
5:21 pm ET
Howard had like a $49M contract for 7 years. You don't sign a guy for that kind of money that isn't a beast once you get into the very high dollar years like they are now with the escalators. I thought this would happen last year but there was cap room. With no cap and more over no penalties, I'm not surprised.
5:07 pm ET
I agree. I thought for sure that Reid and the FO were going with an chub O lineman in round 1. But they must have something up their sleeve. I can see them going DE or DT now. Either way this surprised me. I thought Howard still had some good backup rotation value.
4:54 pm ET
Thats sort of a shocker. Not only was he productive as a passing down DT, he was also the back up RT.---Guess this is one of those a year too soon than a year too late moves. Tapp's versatility made it possible.---I now more than ever see a high pick being spend on the D line.

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