Who’s drawing BATMAN AND ROBIN next? Plus some BRUCE WAYNE news…

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

By Alex Segura


Speculation’s been bouncing around for a while now as to who’s going to take over the artistic reins after artist Andy Clarke’s stint on the series comes to an end, and we’re happy to confirm that the next artist is none other than Frazer Irving, who’s no stranger to collaborating with BATMAN AND ROBIN writer Grant Morrison, having teamed for the KLARION THE WITCH BOY mini-series during the SEVEN SOLDIERS event.

But what hasn’t been talked about much is just how integral Irving’s upcoming arc is to Grant’s other Bat-series. Namely, BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE. In fact, Irving will be pulling a bit of double-duty, as he’ll be handling art on the second issue of the six-issue mini-series. We checked in with Bat-editor Mike Marts to give us the lowdown on Irving’s artwork:

“Frazer’s a unique comics creator in that he handles all aspects of the art chores—pencilling, inking and colors—which gives him the best creative control an artist could ask for. And with fantastic results! Readers will drool when they see Frazer’s amazing pages to both BATMAN projects he’s working on.”

Thanks, Mike. And because we’re in a generous mood, we managed to put together a list of the artists contributing to each issue of RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE. So, here goes:

#1: Chris Sprouse
#2: Frazer Irving
#3: Yanick Paquette
#4: Cameron Stewart
#5: Ryan Sook
#6: Lee Garbett

Pretty impressive lineup, no? We’ll have art to show from each issue as we get closer, but in the meantime, enjoy Frazer’s variant to BATMAN AND ROBIN #13 above and the variant to BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #2 right here:

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23 Responses to “Who’s drawing BATMAN AND ROBIN next? Plus some BRUCE WAYNE news…”

  1. mambazo says on :

    Fantastic news, this more than makes up for that mediocre Batman Beyond announcement from the other day.

  2. praetor says on :

    The variant cover for ROBW #2 is really awesome. This is good news indeed.

  3. badsoul says on :

    Wow..the first picture is just ugly. The second though is marvelous

  4. Black Manta says on :

    Red Dead Batman

  5. henryj2112 says on :

    Love the ROBW cover, but the Batman and Robin cover is horrendous. I have faith that the interiors will be sublime though.

  6. deunen says on :

    RYAN SOOK!!! Hell Yes! He was the highlight of Wednesday Comics for me and I cannot wait to see his work on this mini.

    and I’m in agreement on the ROBW cover. Wow
    Irving’s interiors will be better than that cover. It’s really awkward looking. It feels sort of like an homage to the first appearance of the original Robin the way Damien is leaping.

  7. wildclaw says on :

    @mambazo: Really? Sorry you feel that way. Yes Ryan Sook..this should be amazing :)

  8. solaristyrant says on :

    Lee Garbett? Please. Talk about “which one of these names don’t belong in this group”.

    It’s like Mike Marts is contractually obligated to stick Grant Morrison with a mediocre artist periodically.

  9. cameronstewart says on :

    So glad this has finally been announced! As with Batman & Robin, I’ll be posting occasional tidbits over on my twitter page - @cameronmstewart

    Good to have a bunch of the Seven Soldiers crew together again!

  10. asti316 says on :

    Is it just me or does the second picture look like The Undertaker off WWE

  11. meisterlegion says on :

    Was the Undertaker the inspiration for this version of Bruce Wayne LOL!

  12. jorel1983 says on :

    lol ya he just needs the whites of his eyes showing lol

  13. zodcomplex says on :

    Ryan Sook drawing Noir Batman? Pantsplode.

  14. Gorbunov says on :

    “#2: Frazer Irving
    #3: Yanick Paquette
    #4: Cameron Stewart
    #5: Ryan Sook”

    Nice bunch. Almost Seven Soldiers Reunion.

  15. nightwing89 says on :

    love the ROBW cover, BR cover.. not so much. but i have faith in the interiors

  16. afarrar says on :

    I love the list of creators assembled and it sounds like each of them is assigned to an era that they’d be particularly well suited to.
    #1: Chris Sprouse - Caveman
    #2: Frazer Irving - Puritan
    #3: Yanick Paquette - Pirate
    #4: Cameron Stewart - Cowboy
    #5: Ryan Sook - Detective
    #6: Lee Garbett - Superhero

    Should be a lot of fun. Now how much longer do we have to wait? It’s killing me!

  17. Kooster says on :

    Hmm…I’m still not interested in the The Return of Bruce Wayne storyline. Although I love all the artists assigned to this mini-series!

    Maybe I’ll be more interested in this mini-series after the “Batman: The Return” panel at C2E2?

  18. dusk83 says on :

    Thanks for awesome Bat-News/Update! :)

  19. Michel Nadorp says on :

    Issue#6: why not Frank Quietly or another high profile artist; it’s the final issue! The rest of the line up is looking very good though…

  20. albatross says on :

    Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!! Love the 7 Soldiers appreciation! Is Simone Bianchi Marvel exclusive? BTW, Klarion was my second favorite 7SoV book, which is saying A LOT, so I’m VERY happy to see Frazer Irving get some high-profile love!!!

  21. Warewullf says on :

    Yes!! Frazer Irvine and Grant Morrison together again is brilliant news!

  22. battalons says on :

    damn that B&R cover looks incredibly ugly I hope Quietly is doing regular covers to the series. That cover is a huge miss.

  23. dcstudent says on :

    After the Batman Red Hood movie, you guys should make a movie about the fourth without including Superman only the new gods forever people, and DarkSeid, Mr. Miracle etc…

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