The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) is a not-for-profit organisation, which exists to fight for the rights of injured people. Find out more.
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  • APIL has a clear campaign agenda for injured people which is based on the principles of: preventing needless injury
  • obtaining proper redress when things do go wrong
  • campaigning for law reform to protect injured people
  • providing support when you most need it, through our scheme of accredited lawyers

On our agenda now:

  • Insurers ultimately pay compensation on behalf of their clients (who may be motorists or employers, for example). Some insurers are short-changing injured people by offering them a quick cash deal which bears little relation to the compensation they desperately need and deserve, just to get rid of the claim. This can happen, for example, if you are injured by another driver in a car crash which was the other person’s fault. Sometimes that driver’s insurance company will contact you and offer to pay you some compensation. You may still be shocked and vulnerable and you may not know or forget that you have a right to your own legal adviser who will make sure you receive the redress you need, and to which you are entitled. Some insurers take advantage of this and APIL is fighting for better regulation to stop vulnerable people being subjected to such rough justice.
  • Some people find themselves suffering from appalling, often life-threatening, illnesses because an employer has been negligent by, for example, exposing a worker to a dangerous substance such as asbestos. Many of the most desperately sick people cannot obtain compensation because the employer who caused the illness has gone out of business and the employer’s insurer cannot be traced. APIL is fighting for a special fund to be set up to ensure such vulnerable people can obtain the money they may need to give them some comfort in the last months of their lives.

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