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SIOE is now also a political party

Posted by Sitemaster on March 7, 2010

SIOE has realised that there is not one single European party that dares to adress the enemy: islam. All politicians talk about “war against terror”, but terror is only a tactic. The politicians dare not to look the enemy behind the tactic in the eyes.

As long as we only declare war on the tactic, we will never win the war.
We must realise that islam has declared war on the West and SIOE recognises this war declaration. Therefore, a war must be led against islam until the enemy is destroyed.

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Here is our political statement:

SIOE is the only political party in Europe that dares to address the enemy: Islam.

Denmark and Bulgaria are the first countries to have an official SIOE party. The party will be pan-European and be named SIOE Stop Islamisation of Europe.

The electoral commission has approved our party name and our voter-signature application and we are now ready to collect the 18.000 voter-signatures that are necessary to be able to run for election.

The party is not a single goal party like SIAD was, but a party whose highest goal is to take care of the Danes and Denmark. No other parties are ready to do that to the same extent as SIOE.

At the moment SIOE has app. 20.000 Facebook members from the different SIOE groups all over Europe.

Denmark is at war. The government tells us that we are in a war against terror, which actually is only a tactic. We cannot be at war against an tactic, we have to be at war against those who use the tactic. That is what SIOE intends to do.

Quote: Lieutenant Colonel Allen West:-

“Winston Churchill did not lead a war against blitzkrieg, he led a war against the Nazis.”

SIOE recognises that islam has declared war on the West and therefore we take the necessary precautions to protect our own population. No other Danish politicians have done that previously. Therefore, SIOE will respond to the declaration of war on the West. Every time islam is discussed, all parties in the Danish parliament pull the wool over the eyes of the voters. If we really are in war with islam why do we make all these special arrangements for islam?

We have had civil war-like situations both in Copenhagen and in the biggest towns in Denmark and no politicians have dared to act upon it, as Anders Gravers mentions in his speech at the FDI conference at CPAC. SIOE has the answer: Every immigrant who has committed any kind of criminality is to be sent home.

Denmark is in a financial crisis and we have to take care of our own citizens first of all. Therefore all immigrants who are not self-supporting will be sent home.

All government subsidised integration initiatives must be stopped and sensible economic policies must be carried out.

Bureaucracy must be cut to a minimum and free initiative must be encouraged instead of being stopped.

The business and manufacturing sectors in Denmark must have far better conditions. We cannot live just by serving one another.

We would never have been caught in this present unhappy situation if the population had been asked whether or not Denmark should be an immigrant country where islam demands special treatment from its host, the Danish population. Therefore SIOE’s wish is to implement more democracy. There shall be referendums held about many more things concerning the population.

Many more of those in authority should be elected, not just politicians, as they are in America.

In brief, SIOE is a party where the population is of greater concern than the people from outside.

SIOE does not want to stand alone, but wants the old EC cooperation back again and EU discontinued.

SIOE does not want a super-state where democracy is distanced from the people and where we at the moment have an EU president we did not vote for.

12 proposals that will create peace and order in Europe and give us Europe back politicians have taken from us through 30 years of irresponsible immigration policy. The draft laws will also ensure that the remaining foreigners are integrated properly through assimilation.
The draft laws are easily implemented and will effectively stop the Islamization of Europe.

Here are the 12 proposals specialised to the Danish conditions:

1. A permanent stop to immigration from muslim countries and a temporary stop from other countries until there has been set up an independent inquiry to determine when the Danes are a minority in their own country.

2. Repatriation of disaffected muslim and other immigrants and all immigrant criminals who have proven that they are unsuitable and the removal from such people of any vested Danish citizenship.

3. Imams who incite to violence and sanctions against the country that feeds them, must be punished and expelled for ever, as well as those who promote Sharia law for anyone who lives in Denmark.

4. Publicly paid inclusion action ceases.

5. Non-self-supporting migrants repatriated, regardless of the situation in their original homelands. Denmark can no longer be responsible for the actions of foreign governments and can no longer be the dumping ground for criminals and agitators from other countries.

6. Repatriation has no meaning if Denmark is still open to mass immigration, therefore, Denmark must be realistic and make allowances only for the receipt of genuine refugees.

7. The Danish constitution and laws must be respected scrupulously. This means that the Koranic verses which are contrary to the Danish constitution and laws removed.

8.Granting of citizenship must be much more limited. In order to obtain Danish citizenship a person must have been in Denmark as a well behaved resident for 12 years before they can apply, as is the case in other countries, such as, Switzerland. This also applies to genuine refugees.

Those already granted citizenship are to be examined very carefully with a view to withdrawing citizenship if they have proved unworthy of it because of criminal activities, promoting Sharia law and undermining the Danish constitution.

9. To maintain a reasonable relationship in the future the Penal Code Chapter 12 should be revised to help foreign peoples occupation of Denmark made punishable in line with the help of foreign powers. Court prosecutor removed from the Attorney, so that a case can be raised at the behest of such ten members of parliament.

10. All existing human rights legislation be repealed and restarted avoiding all subserviance and acceptance of Islam.

11. International conventions must be discussed with a view to revision.

12.SIOE is against the European Union, but supports European cooperation and community.

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17 Responses to “SIOE is now also a political party”

  1. Anglo Saxon said

    At last a real political party that will address our concerns, im sure with some persuading Geert Willders would also join, cause even the moderate muslims as the media etc like to call them, don’t think their numbers are high enough yet to rage jihad on the nn beleivers but they will change their minds and be persuaded to by other muslims when the muslims reach 40% population of any area.

    We should all leave the EU and rejoin as EEA members, thus freeing us from EU law and bureaucracy from Brussels

    We dont need muslim immigrants,

    • svansken said

      The so called “moderate muslims” DOES NOT exist!

      If you are muslim – you believe in Allah and the Quran!
      If you believe in the Quran – you are ordered to spread Islam to the entire world – if nessecary by violens!

      You can not just follow the “good” things and forget about the “bad” things in the Quran – You have to buy the hole package!

      What is happening now? More and more “fugitives” and “moderate muslims” are coming to western countries – so far they are a minority (but allready claiming – and getting – special rules) – but when the day comes, that they are a majority, you can forget all about democrasy.
      Then it wil be “the law of the Quran” – SHARIA.

      If EU can not agree to stop this before it is too late, then we aught to leave EU and fight it by ourselves!

      • Anglo Saxon said

        Well said Svansked, the EU and the Lefty governments want this to happen, they know/knew tensions will rise and the muslims will turn on the country their in, and their will be civil unrest so they can impose martial law, maybe both sides are being used as pawns.

        Right now we can’t trust the EU or any government that is in power in Europe, they knew fall well about the EU-Med project back in 1970’s and had discussions with the countries they wanted to bring in, but was we informed about it no

        Was only thanks to SIOE they i even heard about it.

      • Jacob said

        I think you are wrong!
        I support SIOE and recognize the problem Islam is bringing. However, I do ask that you be more accurate. Islam, LIKE ANY RELIGION, has different streams ranging from moderate to extreme (aka.. you don’t have to take the whole package). There are people that are free thinkers but are bound by the threats of extremists. I do agree however that 90% puts out a bad name for all the rest.

  2. Fred Bloggz said

    You need a constitution which reflects your pan European identity, and which cannot be amended or neutered by pro EU infiltrators. Your constitution should define your identity, your purpose, your aims and your conditions of membership. It should detail the governance of the party and its structure. It should also detail how the party will achieve direct internal democracy for its members, and how the results of resolutions from the members will be implemented.

    The constitution should be supported by a rule book which applies to all officials, committees and members. Only when these provisions are in place and viewable by potential members or donors can the possibility of a donation be considered.

    The concept of a pan European party would appear to be at odds with your declaration against (the) European ‘Union’. Your constitution should therefore, accommodate an alliance of national parties. Yours should be a pan European alliance, rather than a party, and your remarks above concerning mainly Denmark support this concept.

    • Sitemaster said

      The constitution is taken care of and Denmark is given as an example because it is one of the first two countries where SIOE has become a political party. The rules apply in all European countries.

  3. Stephen Gash said

    The new word that Muslims use to defend the Koran is “normative”. They say the violent verses only apply to what was happening when mohammed was alive. The peaceful, sotthing verses are “normative”.

  4. svansken said

    Jacob said
    “– There are people that are free thinkers but are bound by the threats of extremists. I do agree however that 90% puts out a bad name for all the rest.”

    You pin-pointed the problem yourselve.
    If we have 10 “moderate” (who ARE NOT ready to kill for the Quran)
    and we have 90 “extremist” (who ARE ready to kill for the Quran) – what does that solve??

    The 10 “moderate” vill be placed in the “kuffar-group” with all other non-extreme muslims.

    People, who loves LIFE the most, can not surwive against people, who loves DEATH the most!

    Go to the top of this page and click on: “THE PROJECT – the islamic declaration of war” – and read it ALL. That vill show you, what we are up against.

  5. Stephen Gash said


    SIOE explains why it doesn’t believe in moderate Muslims.

    At best they are useless. If the Taliban and Al-Qaeda practice such a perverse form of Islam, then why aren’t Muslim countries fighting them in the name of the “real Islam”?

    Why is it that the “tiny minority of extreme Muslims” get to run Muslim countries? Turkey is a classic example.

    We believe that there are Muslims, and those who want to get the hell out of Islam. There maybe those who are Muslim in name only (MINOs). but they are doing nothing to stop the advance of sharia in Muslim countries nor in the West.

    We are not willing to hang around for them to quash the “tiny minority of extreme Muslims” in our countries, simply because our politicians are introducing sharia into our lives and these “moderate” Muslims are doing damn all to stop them.

    • Jacob said

      Ha ha.. look at what I was saying.. we do agree that it’s not just black and white – although it’s mostly black.

      As Geert Wilders phrased it: There might be moderate Muslims, but there is no such thing as a moderate Islam.
      On a different note, I think SIOE would be wise to better co-ordinate with the EDL from now on. Bosh standing for virtually the same thing and now when EDL are becoming more organized would be good opportunity to shake hands.

  6. wiskeyrider said


  7. DP111 said

    Its good to see a pan-European party that has virtually the same policies of Geert Wilders’ PVV, and UKIP.

    Are there other parties in Europe that share these policies? Will there be cooperation between them, or will they split the anti-sharia vote?

  8. Infidela said

    Is this only in Denmark or will SIOE be a political party in Great Britain in the June elections?

  9. Infidela said

    By the way, go to Gates of Vienna, and read about serious voting fraud in Rotterdam, home of a muslim mayor. Non Dutch muslim immigrants have been allowed to vote, while Dutch citizens have been intimidated from voting.

  10. [...] From SIOE. [...]

  11. fuck islam said

    Islam, LIKE ANY RELIGION, has different streams ranging from moderate to extreme (aka.. you don’t have to take the whole package). There are people that are free thinkers but are bound by the threats of extremists. I do agree however that 90% puts out a bad name for all the rest.

    Fred Bloggz



  12. fuck islam said

    Congratulations SIOE! :D

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