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Internet Explorer is the world’s most widely used browser, designed by Microsoft with you in mind. Your online security is Firefox's top priority. Firefox is free, and made to help you get the most out of the web. The powerful and easy-to-use Web browser. Try the only browser with Opera Turbo technology, and speed up your Internet connection. Google Chrome. A fast new browser. Made for everyone. Safari for Windows from Apple, the world’s most innovative browser. 37 languages.Tear-off tabs & video.Split screen.Mouse gestures.Touchscreen.Ad killer.Swept Webware Awards twice.Compare and choose. K-Meleon is an extremely fast, customizable, lightweight browser based on the Mozilla Gecko engine and designed specifically for Windows. Friend-based Navigation: the browser to get the most out of Facebook & Twitter. The best web browser: Tiny, fast, simple, highly configurable and extendible. Perfect for everyone! Sleipnir: A fully customizable browser for a new web experience. Fast and reliable web browser loaded with features such as form filler, popup blocker, login management and privacy protection. GreenBrowser is your best choice of flexible and powerful green web browser.

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