Company Overview

Rich Heritage

Starting life over one hundred years ago, in Hull, Ideal, which was originally called The National Radiator Company, pre-dates penicillin, television and was manufacturing domestic and commercial boilers almost 30 years before the first football World Cup.

Over the years that followed, Ideal rapidly built a reputation for high quality products and established precedence as a leading manufacturer of domestic and commercial boilers.

Ideal has always strived to meet changing customer needs with pioneering design. In the early 1920's, the first well-known Ideal domestic boiler was made. The revolutionary Cookandheat, a freestanding stove with an open fire central heating boiler, cooking oven and hot cupboard, did more to introduce central heating into lower priced homes than any other manufacturer of the day. It became the forerunner of millions of similar appliances to be produced by the company in the years to follow.

Today the company remains at the forefront of the Commercial and Domestic heating markets, still leading the industry in setting new standards and expanding technological boundaries. Ideal Boilers remains true to it's principles of quality, innovation and value; building on its rich heritage as it looks to the future. In 2009 Ideal launched its revolutionary Logic Combi boiler ranges which are set to make heating history due to the groundbreaking design, massive investment in the manufacturing process and array of features and benefits that will make this one of the easiest boilers to install, service, operate and maintain.

With major changes to the commercial boiler market due to be implemented in 2010, and some exciting new Ideal Commercial products in development, we will continue to lead the way. As for the present day Ideal offers a full range of highly efficient condensing boilers, including the space saving wall mounted imax W. floor-standing Imax Xtra and Imax Plus. Ideal have recently launched the Imax Plus III and Ecomass, biomass boiler to complement our wide Condensing Commercial boiler range and ensure we are also at the forefront of renewables in the commercial sector.