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Reform This Year

Health reform will immediately begin to lower health care costs for American families and small businesses, expand coverage, and curb some of the worst insurance industry practices and strengthen consumer protections.

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President Obama
A Victory for the American People

The passage of health insurance reform legislation represents a historic victory for the American people. America's families and businesses will not only get relief from skyrocketing health care costs but will now have more control over their health care. No longer will the insurance companies get the final say when it comes to rates and rights.

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President Obama
The Urgent Need for Health Reform

As we draw even closer to health reform putting Americans in charge of their health care, President Obama discusses the continuing need with a visit to Virginia.



Photo of Secretary Sebelius
Answering Your Questions

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius takes to the virtual pages of Yahoo! News to make the case once more on the urgency of reform for countless Americans for whom a health crisis puts their entire life in shambles.

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Insurance Companies Prosper, Families Suffer: Our Broken Health Insurance System
Across the country, families have seen their premiums skyrocket in recent years, and experts predict these increases will continue.

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HealthReform.gov Recognized

The Innovations Gallery celebrates the innovators and innovations who are championing the President’s vision of more effective and open government. HealthReform.gov was recognized by www.WhiteHouse.gov for allowing Americans to take part personally in the health reform process.

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An Update on Health Reform

Insurance Company Transparency & Accountability - March 11, 2010

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Health Insurance Reform: Reality Check

Whether or not you have health insurance right now, the reforms we seek will bring stability and security that you don't have today.

This isn't about politics. This is about people's lives. This is about people's businesses. This is about our future.

- President Barack Obama

Reality Check
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What People are Saying

March 19, 2010

AARP Statement on Historic Health Insurance Reform Package

AARP Board Chair Bonnie M. Cramer, M.S.W., announced the Association’s support for health insurance reform legislation containing key reform provisions that will improve health care for older Americans and their families.

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February 17, 2010

Steep Rate Hikes Show Reform Needed

Today the Des Moines Register added its voice to the growing number of groups calling on Congress to pass comprehensive health insurance reform. Citing Anthem Blue Cross’ recent rate hikes to people in the individual insurance market as an example, the Register called on Congress to finish the job, saying “these are exactly the reforms Americans need. They are the kind of reforms Iowans need.”

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February 12, 2010

Reform, Meet Anthem Blue Cross

Anthem Blue Cross recently informed nearly 800,000 Californians that their premiums would be increasing up to 39% in the coming year. This comes after Anthem posted $2.7 billion in profits in the previous quarter. The Los Angeles Times noted the premium increase and spoke out in favor of health insurance reform.

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 My wife and I are both self employed, she left a state job 2 years back when we moved to Florida where I had taken a consulting position, I have been self employed for 15 years. We no longer were entitled to the great health benefits we enjoyed when my wife worked for the state.
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– Stephen from Florida

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