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Iso-View for Angband

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Iso-Angband is an isometric (pseudo 3D) view for Angband. Most versions are based on vanilla Angband 2.9.1, but a few versions have been released with ToME (former PernAngband).

The next releases will be based on vanilla Angband 2.9.1 again.

This page shows an example of the traditional ASCII view of the Angband world and as a comparison an example of the isometric view. Please visit the screenshots section for more up to date screenshots.

First the scenery in traditional Angband view:
The player is looking into a big, lit room from an entrance. This scene features lit rooms (white), dark rooms (grey), a torch lit area (yellow), some doors (open/closed) and the player.

The next screenshot features the isometric view. This layout is retrieved from the same informations as the ascii view above, and needs very few changes to Angband itself. It should cleanly integrate into all Angband variants.

One drawback might be the smaller field of view. Instead of 66x22 this is just 22x22 tiles in size. The screenshot is cropped a bit, especially at the left, but it is not scaled.

Currently this is just a demonstration that the concept works. I need help with the images for the dungeon, monsters, items and all the stuff. Many things are still missing.

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 October 2009 11:58