Heritage Protection

A Heritage Overlay is a a way to show that a place or area has heritage values and helps to protect and conserve important heritage elements. Certain works in a Heritage Overlay may require a planning permit, depending on where the works are carried out and the grading of the property.

Many properties are graded because some Heritage Overlays cover wide areas where the heritage significance of each property is different. Properties are graded using the terms significant or not significant, depending on how much they contribute to the heritage area they are in.

You can find out if your property is in a Heritage Overlay and the overlay number by creating a Planning Report at: http://services.land.vic.gov.au.

The Schedule to the Heritage Overlay lists all of the places and areas affected by the Heritage Overlay and any additional controls that may apply to that particular site. The Schedule can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Heritage Overlays 163 to 188 have a Statement of Significance which outlines why a place or area is included within the Heritage Overlay. The Statements list all not significant properties in each of the Heritage Overlays. These Statements can be accessed via the link below.

The Heritage Overlay is standard across Victoria. Under the Heritage Overlay a planning permit is required to:

  • Subdivide or consolidate land
  • Demolish or remove a building (including part of a building)
  • Construct a building (including part of a building, or a fence)
  • Externally alter a building
  • Construct or carry out works
  • Construct or display a sign
  • Externally paint an unpainted surface (refer to note below)
  • Externally paint a building if the painting constitutes an advertisement.

In some instances, external paint controls, internal alteration controls and controls over trees may apply. The Schedule to the Heritage Overlay will identify whether these additional controls apply to your site.
Some of these requirements are varied in Heritage Overlays 163 to 188. The exemptions are different  for significant buildings and not significant buildings. Details of the permit exemptions can be found by clicking on the Incorporated Plan links below.

If a planning permit is required, Council will assess the proposal using Heritage Victoria Guidelines. These guidelines can be accessed via Heritage Victoria's website www.heritage.vic.gov.au.

Before carrying out any works or committing to a project you should contact Council's Statutory Planning unit to seek assistance regarding permit information. 


Schedule to the Heritage Overlay

Statement of Significance HO163 - HO181

Statement of Significance HO183 - HO188

Incorporated Plan HO163 - HO181

Incorporated Plan HO 183 - HO188


Contact Details

For further information please contact:

Strategic Planning
P: +61 3 53205 536
E: strategicplanning@ballarat.vic.gov.au

Alternatively please contact:

Customer Services
The Phoenix Building
25 Armstrong Street South
P: +61 3 53205 500
E: ballcity@ballarat.vic.gov.au

The heritage pamphlet below was prepared by Council in February 2010 and sets out information on the Heritage Overlay.  Click anywhere on the image to view the pamphlet

Planning for Our Heritage