I think now that there are three ways that one can talk about “Post Internet”

1. New Media art made after the launch of the World Wide Web and, thus, the introduction of mainstream culture to the Internet.  (The most banal definition–one that I’m not interested in discussing.)

2. Marisa Olson’s definition:  Art made after one’s use of the Internet.  ”The yield” of her surfing and computer use, as she describes it.  So, for instance, Chris Ashley’s prints of online work presented off-line.

3.  The definition I’m most interested in building in this space: art responding to an existential condition that may also be described as “Post Internet”–when the Internet is less a novelty and more a banality.  Perhaps this is closer to what Guthrie Lonergan described as “Internet Aware”–a term that I’m sure I will be thinking through here sooner or later.

I think that in my own relationship to the term, I was confusing the second and third definitions.  I mean, obviously they’re closely linked, but there is a differentiation that I’m interested in spelling out now that it seems more clear to me that they are talking about different ideas.

In this sense, Post Internet becomes just as vague a term as “postmodern”, which was always confusing to me because it simply is confusing as it is defined by so many people in so many ways.   But, also like “postmodern,” the sum of the definitions and points of view (no matter how at odds they may seem) do point to the shape of a change that does seem to have occurred.


As Tom Moody points out below, Guthrie Lonergan’s definition of “Internet Aware” is not as reductive as suggested above.

I think the larger point that this blog understood rather quickly, though, was that attempting to define “post Internet” or “Internet aware” wasn’t interesting.

The terms have no static meaning…it’s a moot point as far as I’m concerned.


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  2. admin says:

    hey, thanks for this.
    I’ll go back and fix these errors!

    one response: this should never be a book or printed out or anything.
    it would be useless, no one would care (i wouldn’t care anyway)
    definitely a blog…something evolving…

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