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Monday, March 22, 2010

Linebacker Akeem Jordan signed his tender with the Eagles, according to Eagles general manager Howie Roseman.

Jordan, a restricted free agent, was tendered at the second-round level. If the Eagles weren't willing to match another team's offer for him, they would receive a second-round pick in return. Teams aren't expected to go after Jordan, however, with the potential of losing such a high draft pick.

We reported earlier that guard Nick Cole had also signed his tender, but Roseman said he was given the wrong information and that Cole had not yet done so. 

The Eagles have already signed restricted free agents Leonard Weaver and Jason Avant to extension. They still have six RFAs -- cornerback Ellis Hobbs (first round), linebacker Omar Gaither (original draft pick), linebacker Chris Gocong (original), guard Max Jean-Gilles (original), punter Sav Rocca (right of first refusal) and Cole -- that have yet to sign their tenders.

The team did not tender tight end Alex Smith.

With his return, Jordan has been penciled in as the starting weak-side linebacker. The Eagles released what would have been his competition, Will Witherspoon, earlier this month. Cole's role next season is less defined. He played right guard most of last year, but filled in at center Jamaal Jackson tore his ACL. Jackson is not likely to be ready by the opener. If he's not and if the Eagles don't add another center, Cole may start the season back at center. If that were the case, Stacy Andrews would be the guy at right guard.


Posted by Jeff McLane @ 1:53 PM  Permalink | 12 comments
Posted 02:17 PM, 03/22/2010
Posted 02:53 PM, 03/22/2010
Am I the only one wondering how a General Manager doesn't know if a player has signed his tender sheet, when the real reason is that Howie is just a figurehead in the FO food chain and that Andy doesn't even speak to his OWN people about moves, much less the media? Time's yours...
Posted 02:55 PM, 03/22/2010
Big cushy
Thank God they re signed Jordan. i was worried our defense would suck again just like last year. But now i know we'll be o.k.
Posted 02:57 PM, 03/22/2010
akeem jordan is good, but bradley and him will need help... badly. and thats just the lbs
Posted 03:02 PM, 03/22/2010
Jordan was on his way to having a break season until the knee injury. When he came back Jordan had to play out of position. The guy's a talented young LB. I think the Eagles are set at MLB with Bradley and WLB with Jordan. The question mark is the strong side LB position.
Posted 03:18 PM, 03/22/2010
How 'bout addressing the OLine NOW??? Too many if's...
Posted 03:22 PM, 03/22/2010
Even though they don't value the position, I wouldn't mind seeing them do something dramatic about the LB corps on draft day. Bradley had a nice season two years ago - but most fans in the city overrate him thanks to Peter King and Ray Didinger (both of whom I like) who went way out on a limb with praise for the guy. Bradley + Gocong + Jordon = below average LB unit.
Posted 04:30 PM, 03/22/2010
I know I'm in the minority here, but people have to be realistic as to how good Brdley is. He is good against the run but get's absolutely smoked in coverage by our divisions T.E.'s and R.B.'s. I guess compared to the other trash we have had here he looks good, but he's much closer to average then he is to Ray Lewis! And our Dawk replacements are pathetic, Macho Harris is so afraid of contact that he runs away from the bigger guy's and Demps is just plain dumb!
Posted 04:33 PM, 03/22/2010
I would love to see them go LB in 1st round, or trade up and get McClain if he starts to slip (or just to keep him from the Giants at pick 15, go up and get him at 14). It would be nice to have as depth, versatility, or even better, if Stew is back and continues to get better, to team up with for the next several years. We need at least one OL, and you know the former olineman himself will go that route, but it would be nice to see the lb corp get some love.
Posted 05:36 PM, 03/22/2010
Paul SoTX
Bowman would be a good pick if they go early, a few rounds later they could get Lee. Maybe they should pick them both up?
Posted 09:11 PM, 03/22/2010
Eagles have not had a Sam that could cover a tight end since Carlos Emmons WTF?
Posted 10:18 PM, 03/22/2010
jay johnstone
The Eagles will not do anything spectacular until the labor situation is resolved.
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