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Children's Library Services

It's free to join the library and borrow books from any age (babies too!). You can borrow 16 items for 3 weeks.

Some of the things available:

  • Board books
  • Touchy-feely books
  • Picture books
  • Books for special situations
  • Story books
  • Information books
  • Large Print books (at Central and West Swindon Libraries)
  • Audio books
  • DVDs

Please try and look after your books but don't worry if you have an accident.  We do not charge for damage to children's books borrowed on under 5s' tickets. There are no overdue fines for books borrowed on under 5s' tickets.

The following special membership cards are also available:

  • Pre-school group card - 24 children's books loaned for 6 weeks.
  • Childminder / foster carer card - 24 items, including adult stock and up to 8 films or CDs.

No fines are made for children's books borrowed on these cards.  Proof of entitlement will be required.

See also: children's activities

To find out about the latest best-selling books for children and young people, have a look at our new titles page.

Internet Safety

think you know logoWant to keep up with your kids' online lives?  Worried about Internet safety?  Want to know what IT's all about...and what's in it for you?

The thinkuknow website has the answers!

For more information, see: www.thinkuknow.co.uk

Get online confidence and get involved with you children's education...and have fun!

Child Safety Policy

For information on our Child safety Policy please follow the link below:

Child Safety Policy

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