Passion on The Farm

neil dawson horizons

The thing I love about Art World magazine is that they always manage to cut through the terrible ordinariness of gallery openings and free champagne (or cask wine, depending on the artist), to reveal what art is fundamentally about: pure passion.

In this month’s issue they feature Alan Gibbs, a Kiwi entrepreneur who owns The Farm, a 1000-acre sculpture park on New Zealand’s Kaipara Harbour.

Gibbs bought the windswept site in 1991.  Since then, he has commissioned some epic works by Neil Dawson (my favourite – above), Anish Kapoor (below, top), Andy Goldsworthy (below, centre) and Leon van den Eijkel (below, bottom), amongst others.

We can only hope that Gibbs will one day share The Farm with the public.  In the meantime, I would like to thank Art World for revealing the spectacular results of this art lover’s true passion.

Anish Kapoor

Andy Goldsworthy Arches

van den eijkel

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