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Research Outline
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Table of Contents
Helps For Using This Research Outline
Italian Search Strategies
Records At The Family History Library
Archives And Libraries
     Provincial Archives [Archivio Di Stato]
     Local Civil Offices [Comune]
     Church Archives
     Church Parish
     Other Libraries
     Historical And Genealogical Societies
     Inventories, Registers, Catalogs
     Computer Networks And Bulletin Boards
     Understanding The Census
     Availability Of Census Records
Church Directories
Church History
     Roman Catholic
     Eastern Or Greek Orthodox
     Other Churches
Church Records
     General Historical Background
     Duplicate Church Records
     Information Recorded In Church Registers
     Finding Church Records
     Search Strategies
     Records Of Non-catholic Religions
Civil Registration
     General Historical Background
     Information Recorded In Civil Registers
     Finding Civil Registration Records
Court Records
Emigration And Immigration
     Finding The Emigrant’s Town Of Origin
     Emigration From Italy
     Records Of Italian Emigrants In Their Destination Countries
     Immigration Into Italy
     Major Collections And Databases
     Family Histories
     Genealogical Collections
Historical Geography
     Local Histories
Jewish History
Jewish Records
Language And Languages
Military Records
     Historical Background
     Military Records Of Genealogical Value
     Finding Military Records
Names, Personal
     Given Names
Notarial Records
Probate Records
Social Life And Customs
Other Records Of Italy
For Further Reading
Comments And Suggestions


This outline can help you find information about people who lived in Italy. It gives information about records of genealogical value for Italy and helps you decide which types of records to search.

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Before using this outline you need to choose the information you would like to learn about one of your ancestors, such as a birth date or a maiden name.

After you have decided what information you want to find, look at the “Record Selection Table” in this outline. It lists the kinds of information you may want and the best types of records for finding that information.

There is a section in the outline for each type of record listed in columns 2 and 3 of the “Record Selection Table.” The sections give more information about these records and how to find them. The sections are in alphabetical order.

References to the Family History Library Catalog

The Family History Library CatalogLook this term up in the glossary. is a listing of all the records available at the Family History LibraryLook this term up in the glossary.. The catalog is available at the Family History Library and at each Family History CenterLook this term up in the glossary.. Staff there can help you learn to use the catalog.

This outline gives instructions for finding information in the catalog. For example, in the section of this outline called “Census” you may find the following statement:

For more information about census records, look in the Locality Search of the Family History Library Catalog under:


This tells you to look in the catalog under:

  • Italy and then the subject CENSUS.
  • A province in Italy and then the subject CENSUS.
  • A town in a province in Italy and then the subject CENSUS.

This outline includes many references to specific records. The references include call numbers and computer numbers and are listed in parenthesis.

  • Call Numbers. The call number is used to find a record in the Family History Library (FHL).
  • Computer Numbers. Each record is assigned a number to identify it in the catalog. If you are using the Family History Library Catalog on computer or compact disc, you can search for the record by the computer number. This is the quickest way to find the listing of the record in the catalog.

For additional information on using the catalog see Using the Family History Library Catalog (30966)

References to Other Family History Library Publications

The Family History Library has many other publications which may be helpful to you in your research. Some are referred to in this outline. Their titles are in italics and their item numbers are in parenthesis. They are available at the Family History Library and the Salt Lake City Distribution Center.

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