Frequently Asked Questions

What is 8zone?

8zone is the ultimate dietary supplement which contains a precise blend of nutrients that delivers energy, antioxidants and relaxation when your body needs them most. 8zone is a cutting-edge way to help those who are serious about their overall health. 8zone can help you take your health to the next level, allowing you to reap the benefits of your daily diet and exercise routine!

How does 8zone work?

8zone is an amazing formula designed to deliver the nutrients you need during each of the three key zones in your day.

Red Zone delivers a potent and broad range of synergistic nutrients to supplement the diets of many active and busy people. Furthermore, these nutrients may support focus, stable energy, strength & clarity, intensity & weight loss when used together with diet and exercise.

White Zone delivers a spectrum of high-antioxidant fruit extracts. This helps replenish missing antioxidants from your diet, providing you with a sense of revitalization, and protection against free radicals and oxidative stress that might otherwise speed up the aging process.

Blue Zone provides a spectrum of natural aids that help support healthy sleep cycles. Blue Zone also contains L-glutamine to support detoxification and muscle repair, as well as vegetable concentrates/extracts to provide additional protection against free radicals and oxidative stress.

How do you take 8zone?

8zone is taken three times a day at the beginning of each eight-hour zone. You take two capsules first thing in the morning for the Red Zone, two capsules after work for the White Zone and two more capsules an hour before bed for the Blue Zone.

How is 8zone packaged?

8zone is packaged in three separate bottles, one bottle for each eight-hour zone. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, giving you a 30 day supply.

Where can I buy 8zone?

Contact us here or call 1-888-784-3966 to order your supply of 8zone today. Please note that product availability may vary.

My skin gets red and itchy. What causes this?

Niacin, also called Vitamin B3, is an essential nutrient. It is involved in the repair of DNA and helps to lower LDL ("bad" cholesterol) levels and increase HDL ("good" cholesterol) levels.

When taken in larger doses, niacin can initially cause a "flushing" reaction in people sensitive to it - a redness in the skin, together with a warm and prickly sensation. This is harmless and part of your body's normal adjustment to an increased dosage of niacin. The nutrient causes increased blood flow near the skin ("flushing") by widening capillaries.

Red Zone contains only 20mg of niacin. The flushes generally subside after several episodes as the body becomes accustomed to the regular intake. In the meantime, if the flush is bothersome, try taking Red Zone after breakfast. This will slow the absorption of niacin. To eliminate the itching, you can also take an aspirin or ibuprofen 30 minutes before taking Red Zone. In either case, with consistent use of Red Zone, the flushing reaction will go away.

Is it Gluten Free? Can people who are lactose intolerant take it?

Yes, 8zone is completely gluten free. It is suitable for those with lactose intolerance. It also contains no artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservatives.

Are there any animal by-products? Is it Vegan safe?

8zone is suitable for a vegan diet as it contains no animal by-products. Even the encapsulation is made with vegetable products rather than animal products.