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Dai no Daibouken was the first Dragon Quest manga and the second anime series. The manga ran in Shonen Jump and filled 37 volumes. It was written by Riku Sanjo and the art was by Koji Inada. Folks in the states can check out their current work in Viz's Beet The Vandal Buster.

The island Demurin was home to many friendly monsters and an orphan boy named Dai. One day a man named Aban and his disciple, Pop arrived to train. It was going smoothly until Hadora, the King of Evil and an old enemy of Aban's showed up.

Aban had defeated Hadora 30 years ago and now he was out for revenge. To Aban's surprise, Hadora had become much more powerful since their last encounter. Aban tried his best, but Hadora had the upper hand. In desperation, Aban cast Megante but to no avail. Hadora left Demurin with world conquest on his mind.

Dai and Pop left Demurin to avenge their master and bring peace to the world. But, they soon learn that Hadora is not their biggest threat because he's only the second in command to Vern, the God of Evil. Like any Dragon Quest adventure, Dai and Pop join up with a few companions on their journey. They first meet Maam, a martial artist and then Princess Leona who serves as the group's healer. Together they face off against Vern's armies and commanding generals; Hyunkel, leader of the Immortals Army, Crocodin, leader of the Beast Army, Freezard, leader of the Fire and Ice Army, Saboera, leader of the Wizard's Army, Myst, leader of the Shadow Army, and finally, Baran, leader of the Dragons Army. Crocodin and Hyunkel eventually join after Dai defeats them. He also eventually learns that Baran is his father.

Dai no Daibouken has been released in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic as Fly. At 37 manga volumes, a 46 episode TV series and three movies, Dai is currently the longest running DQ spin off.


Dai is series' main character. He's a young boy who lived on the island of Demurin with many friendly monsters until the evil Hadora arrived. After Hadora killed his teacher Aban, he left Demurin to seek revenge and save the world.




Pop was a student of Aban, who arrived with him to train on Demurin. He's a powerful wizard and has accompanied Dai since the beginning of the series.





Maam is one of the many companions Dai meets along the way. She's a powerful martial artist.




Another one of Dai's companions, Leona is a princess and serves as the healer of the group.




A powerful swordsman and ex-leader of the Immortals Army, Hyunkel changed sides after being defeated.




The ex-leader of the Beast Army is a strong aligator-like monster. He also switches sides after his defeat.

Character Designs

Dai Pop Leona Maam
Crocodin Hyunkel    

French Manga Covers

Fly #1 Fly #2 Fly #3 Fly #4
Fly #5 Fly #6 Fly #7 Fly #8
Fly #9 Fly #10 Fly #11 Fly #12
Fly #13 Fly #14 Fly #15 Fly #16
Fly #17 Fly #18 Fly #19 Fly #20
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Fly #37      

Movie Images

The DnD group Leona healing Dai Dai and Pop Dai
Dai and Crocodin Dai Defeated DnD enemies  


DnD toys A DnD ad DnD Manga Image  

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