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REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Please put next to any story you send me to get quick response. I'm a big fan of alt.fic - short or long stories. UBER stories are definitely welcome. I don't really care for general fiction, Callisto stories, but Joxer's ok (well he's not OK but well you know what I mean).

REFERENCES: I have watched the show from the beginning so I'm famaliar with the characters and their on-screen relationships with X&G.;

QUOTE: "If you write it, I will read it and give you my honest opinion."


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: General, Alt, or Uber, however no Joxer or poetry.

REFERENCES: B.A English; have beta read/text edited for others.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I enjoy the alt/slash fiction, but prefer stories of the female pairings. I also enjoy almost all of the uber-fiction.

REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - ST: I like Voyager, Next Generation, I'm not too familiar with Deep Space Nine, but that would be ok, too.

REFERENCES: I've been in the computer business as a network supervisor and instructor of adults for about 15 years. I was also the Quality Assurance person (get the hint I'm a stickler for details?) People often ask me if I'm an english teacher, because I won't let my kids get away with basterdizing the english language.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - ST: I was obsessed with all things DS9 at one point, and I'd really love reading stories now, especially since the show's over. I'm open to reading general and alt stories but no sexually explicit or graphically violent fiction please.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read alternative or general; please, no poetry or screenplays.

REFERENCES: B.S. in natural science and completed pre-med and pre-vet programs - Michigan State University (1982); teaching certificate - Michigan State University (1983), Juris Doctorate - University of Miama (1991); Taught at the high school level from 1983-1989; taught legal writing and research at George Washington School of Law from 1992 until the present. My teaching has provided great experience in giving constructive criticism on grammar, writing style, and content. Since my law students are only in their first year, I have also gained an understanding of the psyche of a person writing in a new style for the first time. I have watched Xena since its inception.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Prose only, no uber stories.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Alt only, please. No poetry or screenplays. Uber, Conquerer, really long stories, graphic sex, and BDSM are all fine. I am over 21.

REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - ST: I will read any f/f pairing from any of the series, though stories involving B'Elanna Torres are my favorites. No poetry or screenplays. Really long stories, graphic sex and BDSM are all fine. I am not particularly familiar with the details of canon for any Star Trek series, so please do not ask me to look for plot consistency between your story and the tv show.

REFERENCES: I worked in the writing lab at my university as a peer editor. I have beta-read for XWP fanfic writers before. My strengths are spelling, grammar, and paying attention to details.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I am a big fan of alt/uber. I will read pretty much anything but poetry. I have watched almost every episode of Xena and those that I have not seen I have read the summaries.

REFERENCES: I have experience in editing. I was a Journalism major primarily interested in print writing. I have excellent recall and can help with continuity.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read any type of Xena fanfic

REFERENCES: Has written several Xena fanfic stories and beta read for others


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Alt Fiction and Uber Fiction preferred. I enjoy a variety of styles, especially X&G; pairings, but not interested in extremely graphic sex or violence that does not further good plot development. Comments about what you're looking for in a beta reader would be appreciated.

REFERENCES: I have been an avid fan of X:WP and a huge supporter of fan fiction. I have been lucky to have worked with some very gifted, creative X:WP fan fiction writers and I welcome new writers. I have non-professional experience in creative writing and proofreading although I have not written fan fiction myself (yet!). My motto: take what you like of my suggestions and leave the rest. I welcome the chance to be part of the creative process.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: 100 pgs. max.; will read anything, but most comfortable with prose, least, with screenplays.

REFERENCES: Experienced beta reader and fanfic writer


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read any type of fan fiction - but not good with poetry.

REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - ST: Will read any type of Voyager fan fiction - but not good with poetry.

QUOTE: "Thank you for letting me see your creations. I'll be honest and fair."


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Any type of fiction, prose only

REFERENCES: B.A. Degree in Journalism, enjoys X:WP fan fiction


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Prefer to read G, PG (SVLD) rated stores. NO NC-17 or R rated stories. Will read joxer stories

REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - ST: Prefer to read G, PG (SVLD) rated stores. NO NC-17 or R rated stories. Will read Voyager alt. stories - any pairing is fine.

REFERENCES: Have written many non-fiction articles for WHOOSH! Is an active participant for WRITERS list -- reviewing fiction and non-fiction.

QUOTE: "I review stories as a reader -- give directions on what a fan reader would enjoy."


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: No sexually explicit or graphically violent fiction

REFERENCES: Won writing awards in school, good speller


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Alternate Xena Fan Fiction only please. Kink is fine. Any length is fine. Not much experience in poetry.

REFERENCES: Degree in Communications, have experience writing for newscasters on major TV affiliate (meaning good English, editing and dialogue experience). Have read hundreds of Xena fan fiction in last 4 years and I've seen all the shows.

QUOTE: I'll be kind and quick.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Alt. Fiction only. Alt. Timeline/Uber is fine. Not much experience with poetry.

REFERENCES: Iím a closet bard with stories in my head and on my hard drive, but havenít gotten the nerve to publish them! However, I have had non-fiction stories published in various publications. Iíve read hundreds of fan fiction stories online and have every Xena episode (so far!) on video, so I feel I know these characters extremely well.

QUOTE: As a beta reader I promise to be fair and kind, but always honest.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read any type of Xena fanfic

REFERENCES: A Humanities major with lots of literature and humanities courses in college.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Xena alt only; uber & crossovers are fine. All ratings=OK but no S&M; or mistress/slave stories; no poetry/screenplay; no length preference. Can beta read in French as well as in English.

REFERENCES: I work for a UK national newspaper. I'm an avid reader & grammar/spelling maniac.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I will beta read general, alt, and uber Xena Fiction. Xena/Gabby, Mel/Janice. I will also ready stories that have graphic violence only if they are pertinent to the story. PLEASE NOTE: I am also Joxer/Ares slash friendly. If there are any male or female writers who do write Joxer/Ares alt stories, I will beta read those also.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Prefers alt. but will read general fiction, no poetry

REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - ST: I will read Voyager fiction....only Alt and only female/female (any pairing is fine), no poetry.

REFERENCES: Trained as an English teacher, has taught high school writing


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read any type of Xena fanfic

REFERENCES: Has written Xena fan fiction and beta read stories. Publisher of The Bard Scrolls, An Anthology of Xena Fan Fiction. Knows what works with dialogue and what doesn't.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I prefer Uber/Alt stories, but in a pinch I would be happy to read X/G.

REFERENCES: I am currently beta reading for GabGold and Alex P, but since I'm an insomniac, I have a lot of time on my hands. I have only been beta reading for a few months, but I've done quite a few stories already. I'm very nit-picky when it comes to proofing a story and I try to be as honest and tactful as I can when I reply to my bards.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Prefer Alt and Uber, but will read anything. If you have written poetry or a screenplay, I will be of little help to you - I am frequently bamboozled by both genres. Suggestions for the *type* of critique desired are greatly appreciated.

REFERENCES: Although I am neither a professional writer nor an editor, I both write and edit as part my profession. I am a voracious reader of fiction and fanfic. I am well familiar with the series and its most contentious fan debates through the years.

QUOTE: I respect and am awed by the writing process, and have a high regard for anyone courageous enough to share his or her work with others. Both criticism and praise will be kind and direct.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read anything but prefer alt fan fic.

REFERENCES: avid reader, good at proof-reading, viewed X:WP since middle of Season 1, fair knowledge of ancient Greek and Roman history


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: No sexually explicit or graphically violent fiction

REFERENCES: University English courses, fanfic writer (never published on the Internet because of lack of time to finish the stories), knowledge of HTML and JAVAscript.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Interested in beta reading alternative fiction. I especially like long stories.

REFERENCES: Minor in English and more years than I care to admit to as a typesetter and proofreader.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Prose only, no crossover stories, no stories centered around Callisto, Hercules or Iolaus, with them as the main focus of the story. Please include "Fanfic editing" in the subject header of any e-mail messages

REFERENCES: Experience beta reading for several Xenite bards and for students in graduate school


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I prefer alt-fic but will read others, even the dreaded Joxer stories.

REFERENCES: I am an engineer. Yes, an engineer who can spell! Spelling and grammatical errors in stories hit me like a thumb in the eye. I will be honest and truthful in my comments and best of all, timely.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: No erotica, S&M;, skits, parodies, or bondage. Also no stories centered around Joxer or Callisto.

REFERENCES: Established Xena fanfic writer


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read any type of Xena fanfic

REFERENCES: I've been a viewer of Xena since middle of the first season and I've been rabidly consuming fan fiction since last fall. Before that, I used to actually read published fiction quite often :-). I've had quite alot of experience editing the moving image but not much in editing written fiction. I did, however, toy with being an English major in college.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: No sexual violence, S&M;, bondage, or torture


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read any type of Xena fanfic

REFERENCES: Experience in editing business writing, good grammar skills.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Any type of stories are ok, though I prefer alt. Screenplays are fine. You may send me poetry in a pinch, but I may not be able to help much with it.

REFERENCES: I have won several writing awards in college as a journalism major. Three years of experience as a writer and editor for a college newspaper. I have seen every episode of the show, from the premiere to the finale. I am also a fanfiction writer, so I understand the need for speedy and constructive feedback.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - ST: ST: Voyager any slash/het, adult content ok.

REFERENCES: Fan of the show since pilot, fanfic writer myself and have beta read before.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I read alt.stories for Xena, would only fall asleep if I beta read poetry and have no real preference as to which characters I would not want to critique (except maybe Joxer!).


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Alt or Uber stories. I am not good with poetry. I would prefer your writings to be sent as Word or Works attachments.

REFERENCES: I have taped, watched and rewatched all Xena episodes. I have been reading fan fiction for about 1 1/2 years. I am a teacher who can find a misspelled word or a grammatical error with ease. I will not impose my ideas on the authors. It's not my story. I am kind and tactful.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read any type of Xena fanfic.

REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - ST: Will read any type of Voyager fanfic.

REFERENCES: Established beta reader and fanfic author


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I prefer alt pieces of any length including uber with X&G; - not really into other pairing of our two main girls. Explicit ok. Will read non-epic general. I request that bards spell out exactly what they're looking for in a beta reader: proofing (spelling/grammar); content via the show's mythology; content via the story's own mythology; overall flow. Just so I know what to be on the look out for.

REFERENCES: Have beta read and written for the Buffy-verse. Taught english grammar for 5 years. Was a technical writer. Hold a BA in Economics, MS in Animal Science (dairy). Hobbies (outside of a slight obsession with the Xenaverse) include Skiing, boating, cribbage, reading, travel, college basketball - especially women's.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I like alt & uber, but general will be fine!.

REFERENCES: I can help with translations from and into German, in case that is needed. I have a wide knowledge of mythology and related subjects, know some old Greek and lots of Latin and will do my best to assist you guys in your creative effort.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read any kind of Xena fanfic.

REFERENCES: I have watched XWP since the beginning and feel that my knowledge of the series is a valuable asset to anyone who is having writers block and can't remember something about the series. I have taken a couple of courses in literature in college and feel that my knowledge of literary writing may help someone in need.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read any type of story, particularly fond of Alt fiction.

REFERENCES: I am simply a lifelong avid reader. Good eye for spelling and grammatical errors. I think I am good at recognizing a "working plot" as well as spotting the holes in one. A love for this genre of story.

QUOTE: I would simply like to take this space to thank Lunacy and all the fine Bards for hour upon hours of reading pleasure. And also for this opportunity to give something back to them. The talent I have seen in these tales has me awestruck.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read any type of story.

REFERENCES: Some writers prefer an editor to confine herself to syntax, grammar, and spelling errors. I can do that. I can also do more, and I have an undergraduate and graduate degree in English Lit. and Language - I've taught it at University level. I'm qualified to edit, and worked at the Jerusalem Post newspaper while I was living in Israel in Jerusalem. I'm an expert at English Language and Literature, including old English (which we were taught to read in a required course, but I admit I haven't kept up with it.. reading Beowulf in the original is interesting, and it definately stretches your mental muscles!)


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read any type of Xena fanfic

REFERENCES: Member of a writer's group. Strong points are structure, story line and continuity.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I prefer uber fiction and/or alternative fiction. I will not read screenplays.

REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - ST: I will read Voyager fanfic that consists of J/7. I will not read screenplays.

REFERENCES: Master's in English Education


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I would be glad to read any type of Xena Fan Fiction, both General and Alternative.

REFERENCES: I have a Bachelor's Degree in English Lit with a strong background in spelling, grammar and usage. Have had advanced courses in Greek language and Mythology. Very non-judgemental, but honest, encouraging to new writers in their efforts. I am an avid FF reader and a rabid Xena fan (grin); have watched the show since the beginning.

QUOTE: "Every happening, great and small, is a parable, a lesson, a gift. The art of life is to laugh, to cry, to enjoy, get the message." -Malcolm Muggeridge


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Xena alt or gen fiction. NO uber, no poetry. don't mind sexually explicit or violent scenes.

REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - ST: I enjoy mostly Xena Alt fiction, but I have been known to read a few DS9 alt stories as well. Prefer fem/fem (Kira/Dax) pairings

REFERENCES: I have watched XWP since it's beginning, and am a huge fan of Xena fan fic. Have read countless bard's tales so I have seen good and bad:). Also I have a pet peeve about spelling and grammar so I make a wonderful proof-reader.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: No alt. fiction or gratuitously voilent stories.

REFERENCES: My English teacher just *loved* me, webpage whiz.

QUOTE: "I like Joxer. Romances are more than welcome, adventure tales too. Most of all, I'm here to help."


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I love reading all sorts of fanfiction especially uber stories, but my main preference goes to alt. fiction.

REFERENCES: I've followed some writing courses and I really love reading. I saw every single ep of the show, so I think I have a good idea of the characters and storylines. I'll be looking at your story through readers' eyes and hope I can be of some help.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Label any e-mail with (PRIVATE) or (BETA) in the subject line.

REFERENCES: Was an English major and has watched the show since it began.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I prefer stories that do not include child abuse, rape or explicit sexual content.

REFERENCES: I have been a Xena fan since the very first episode.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Iíll read nearly anything: Poetry, any type of xena fiction (or any other) of any length, ubers, crossovers, etc...However, fictions heavy with violence and/or sexually explicit situations are the exception. Please donít send me these. Thanks.

REFERENCES: My major focuses of study are in psychology (primarily), law, politics, english and history. I read lots and not just fan fiction. I write stories and poetry on my own time and I do pretty well in the editing of the work of my peers.

QUOTE: Regarding stories set in certain settings of time: I may not be an asset to you if your works are heavy with scientific (chem. or physics), technological, or mathematical detail since I probably wonít know how to correct them. If these play only minor roles or you have other beta readers who are experts, then Iím here for you.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I prefer alt fiction but will read general. Any length is fine. I'm fine with a wide range of topics, including violence and explicit sex. I prefer prose, but am open to reading other genres. I usually proofread for story content and a clear writing style, but I will correct any grammatical errors that I find also.

REFERENCES: I've written quite a few pieces of fan fiction in the Xenaverse and for other shows. I also beta read regularly for one author and on occasion for a few others. I'm generally pretty quick with my replies unless bogged down at work.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: No poetry, no sexually explicit or graphically violent fiction

REFERENCES: Loves to read


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read any type of Xena fanfic

REFERENCES: Loves to read


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I like reading absolutely everything about this series! Humour, violence, love...m/m, f/m,f/f,...doesn't matter to me!

REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - ST: I must be honest, I don't know a lot about this series! I saw two or three seasons and know who is who but there it stops! But if you send it, I will read it!

REFERENCES: I always read what people send me and I ALWAYS answer! I'm subtle; I write stories myself and know how much comments about your story can mean to you. But I'm also honest! I hate it when people tell me I have a great story when it actually sucks!


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I would prefer general fic, but subtext is definitely OK, and "light" alt is fine- nothing graphic. Uber is OK, but not Janice/Mel uber (I don't know those characters very well). No poetry or screenplays. Any length is fine.

REFERENCES: I am an editor for a newspaper, so if you need help with spelling/grammar, I am very good at picking through stories with a fine tooth comb. I have seen almost every XWP episode and have done EXTENSIVE fan fic reading.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I'd rather not read stories with graphic violence or sex. I'll read uber or classic, alt or general but I prefer for the story to be focused on the main characters. No Joxer!

REFERENCES: I have written fanfiction, and have majored in English. I've watched every episode of Xena, and I've read quite a bit of fanfiction.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: No smut, no pwp. Will only read f/f slash. Only alt, uber and Conqueror. Prefer Gabrielle/Xena. No Janice/Mel and no gen.

REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - ST: Prefer Janeway/Seven or Janeway/f (VOY) but am willing to read any f/f slash (TNG, DS9, VOY & ENT. Not TOS). No smut, no pwp. Will only read f/f slash. Only alt & uber.

REFERENCES: I have been an avid Xena and ST fanfic reader (and ocasional beta reader) for over 4 years now.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I prefer uber/alt but am open to pretty much anything. Any length is ok, and I'm willing to work on on-going longer pieces. Please tell me what kind of help you are looking for with your piece.

REFERENCES: My strengths are in grammar, character work, and attention to detail and continuity. I have been writing creative pieces for as long as I can remember and I have also worked as a writing/reading tutor and an assistant in a writing help center. I also know the show *extremely* well.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I am an avid reader of all Alt. fiction between X & G. I love everything from first-time stories to X & G having a family, but my favorites are usually uber. I'm over 21, don't mind 'adult' works, and really enjoy reading longer stories.

REFERENCES: I've watched all episodes at least once and have videotapes of all of the episodes. I am an English minor and have lots of experience in legal and technical writing, as well as proofreading all types of written material. I don't attempt to alter plotlines unless asked for help with an idea, but I'm very competent at correcting grammatical errors.

QUOTE: To paraphrase Lao-Tzu, A good manager [beta reader] is best when people barely know that he exists. Not so good when people obey and acclaim him. Worse when they despise him. I'm gentle, but effective.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I prefer uber stories. Explicit and violent are fine. I don't like sad endings as I can get enough of those in real life.

REFERENCES: I have a Masters Degree in History with a concentration in the Early Roman Empire. That qualified me to do virtually nothing that earned money. I've done beta reading before and have penned a couple of stories. A couple of people told me that they had written to beta readers and gotten no response. I won't do that to you. Anyway, I'm thorough and write a lot of suggestions. However, I am probably slower than other beta readers out there.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: No sexually explicit or graphically violent fiction

REFERENCES: Has won state writing awards in school, 2 yrs. expereince editing a newspaper and local magazine.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Alternate fan fiction. NO Joxer, unless he's dead in the first paragraph. Will read Xena/Gabrielle, Janice/Mel, and other uber stories. Adult content OK. Prefer stories of any length over poetry and screen plays.

REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - ST: Alternate fan fiction. Will read Voyager, TNG, DS9. Would also be open to B5 and Alien (Ripley and Cal), as well as Witchblade, or NYPD or L&O; stories. Adult content OK. Prefer stories of any length over poetry and screen plays.

REFERENCES: Avid reader, and budding writer. I write and teach technical training materials for a living, so writing is something with which I'm well acquainted. I dabble in poetry and am currently toying with my first story as a hobby. Fan for 7 years of Xena. Have all the Xena videos, as well as my own tapes of the shows since the first season clear through season 5. Read alt fan fiction just about every day. In fact, there isn't a lot out there I haven't yet read. Have always loved SciFi/Adventure stories, novels, TV & movies. I tend to be a stickler for spelling, incorrect word uses (its vs. it's or shutter vs. shudder) and grammar.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Please only send stories/novels that have a strong emphasis on the Xena/Gab relationship, whether general or alternative in nature, and I prefer hurt/comfort, though humor is fine, also. Please make sure that it stresses love and devotion... these are two qualities that I usually look for in Fan Fiction. No sexual explicit or graphically violent fiction.

REFERENCES: I'm the top of my class in Reading and English and have won many awards for my writing skills.

QUOTE: "Even in death, Gabrielle...I will never leave you." - From Xena (One Against An Army)


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Only Callisto stories, please.

QUOTE: "If it has Callisto in it I will love to read it. I promise to give you my honest opinion."


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Uber: alt or general. No poetry or screenplays, please.

REFERENCES: I am a fanatic when it comes to grammar/spelling and continuity of a story.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will beta read alt. fiction, prose only.

REFERENCES: Voracious reader

QUOTE: "An open mind and a willingness to help..."


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read any type of Xena fanfic.

REFERENCES: English tutor


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I will read any type of Xena fanfic though I do prefer Uber.

REFERENCES: Have been a beta reader for two other bards and would look forward to working with others. I still enjoy the show even though it is not quite up to par. I believe that loyalty is most important.

QUOTE: "A love that risk nothing is worth nothing."


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Prefer NC-17 or R but will read PG or G. Kink, bdsm, erotica, torture and violence is fine. No stories centered around Hercules, Iolaus, Joxer or Callisto. No alt, uber or crossover fiction or poetry please.

REFERENCES: I have good spelling and grammar skills. I am tactful and honest. I have seen all of seasons 2 and 3, the beginning of seasons 1 (up to Altared States) and 4 (up to The crusader). I feel that I know the characters very well.



REFERENCES: Currently writing Xena fanfic


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read any writings, but prefer prose. I like alt or romance. Any pairings or characters, including slash is welcome. BDSM, violence ok, with warning. Will read other fiction as well, but prefer not to recieve crossovers. No parodies.

REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - ST: I would be willing to beta read Voyager or other fanfic, any pairing. I am new to the Star Trek Fan Universe though... I would not be a huge help in history, but am willing to do what I can.

REFERENCES: I write Alt Fan Fic and other fiction and erotica. I read voraciously. I am a college student with proofreading, mentoring, and teaching assistant experience and a lot of time.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I am open to read any type of fan fiction (gen, alt, uber, etc...). However, I do prefer prose.

REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - ST: I am a Creative Writing minor with a deep knowledge of the show and it's characters. You will notice that I said Creative Writing minor, and not an English minor. This means that I will be paying more attention to the creative aspects of any piece. I'm ok at the technical aspects of critiquing and I'll call it when I see it. I would recommend getting a technical reader as well if you have me read your piece. Besides that I am honest, and my critiques are very in-depth. You can expect a prompt reply from me.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I am willing to read anything except rape stories. Violence is okay, after all, this is X:WP fan fiction! General, Alt, Joxer, Warlord/'s all okay with me.

REFERENCES: I have been writing and (hopefully!) improving my work since I was ten. I think I have a good sense of when something doesn't "feel" right. If a sentence doesn't work, I'll let you know. I know what doesn't work, so I consider this to be helpfull in fan fiction. Above all, I try to be speedy. I can honestly say that speed is a quality I look for in a beta reader, so you know I'll be as fast as possible.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read any kind of Xena fanfic.

REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - ST: I will read only female/female Voyager alt. stories. I will also read general Voyager fanfic.

REFERENCES: BA in History; currently proofs for a friend who writes Xena alt. stories; also writes custody reports for the local courts and proofs most of the reports done by other workers in her agency. Has a a PC at home with word 97 and microsoft works installed.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I am more interested in General Fiction, although I would be willing to read Alt as long as the stories are not too graphic.

REFERENCES: I am a BIG Xena/Hercules fan. I have all the Xena series videos. I also have started and kept up with the comic series and the monthly magazines. I have been a Xena FanFic reader for approx. 2 years now and have been beta-reading for 1 yr.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Willing to beta-read any Xena stories. Alt, Uber or Conqueror.

REFERENCES: I read a lot, I love Xena, and with those two factors together I can be one hell of a Beta-reader.

QUOTE: Anything is possible as long as it isn't impossible


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: I will read all alt, uber, gen. Long or short I love 'em both but longer will take more time to help with. Callisto stories are okay and I will read Joxer oriented stories as well. No sexual explicit or graphically violent fiction.

REFERENCES: I've watched pretty much every episode and I've got them taped so i can refere to them if needed. I'm a fanfic writer myself and I'm enrolled in university level english courses. Plot, fight scenes and character backstory and development are my strong points. I can help with grammar but it's best to get a second beta on it to make sure I don't miss anything. I'll offer constructive criticism but I won't send any harsh comments your way and I'm a quick reader so response time should be good.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read any type of Xena fanfic.

REFERENCES: Has been involved in writing for over ten years. A viewer since the series began in the UK - also watches HERCULES.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Will read any type of Xena fanfic.

REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - ST: Prefer Janeway/Seven but will read others - no general fanfic.

REFERENCES: Has watched the series since it started.†Capable of giving an honest opinion.† Avid fanfic reader.


REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCES - XENA: Alternative female fiction of any kind including uber stories and hurt/comfort stories.

REFERENCES: I am an avid reader. I have watched all the Xena Episodes.



REFERENCES: I have a degree in Psychology. My favorite hobbies are reading and writing stories. I'm a huge fan of the show.

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