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ADHD at Home

Some parents associate ADHD with problems at school. But many parents know that the symptoms and behaviors associated with ADHD can be just as disruptive—or more so—at home, making day-to-day life frustrating for your child, your family, and you. Symptoms and behaviors of ADHD may include being easily distracted, running around or climbing excessively, being disorganized , arguing with adults, deliberately annoying others, losing temper, and being easily frustrated or irritable. These symptoms and behaviors can often make everyday things—like sitting down for a meal, doing homework, or brushing teeth—seem like major hurdles for your child and your family.

If your child shows some of the behaviors not commonly thought of as part of ADHD—like temper outbursts or arguing with others—you may also know that some of these behaviors may not be understood by your family or friends as a part of your child's disorder, which can result in misunderstanding and frustration.

Working with your child's doctor to develop a total treatment plan may help manage your child's ADHD symptoms.

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