What should Republicans focus on to help America?

Republican Focus Should be on the Average Citizen

The so called conservatives have focused so much attention on trying to eliminate or do away with government (isn't going to happen), and push ultra right wing agendas, etc that they have lost sight of the very constituents they should be wooing. It is Mr. & Mrs. Average Citizen who votes. What do the republican leaders actually do to promote the welfare of these constituents? I say little or nothing. They do a good job of wooing the big business leaders and the extreme right wing religious organization leaders but nothing for the working class.

For example, I constantly receive a barrage of mail from the republican leaders with announcements for fund raisers for $2,000 a head. I ask you, how many middle class citizens are going to cough up with that kind of money? The dems on the other hand(I do subscribe to their newsletters to stay abreast of the opposition's agendas and tactics, send out fund raising letters several times a week looking for $5.00 contributions. While it is annoying, it is apparently successful in fattening the DNC coffers.

If I was "King for a Day" I would start doing some serious soul searching to see where the party has gone astray. They have obviously lost touch with reality on a number of issues which has cost the party dearly. Since the 2010 elections are only a short time from now and 2012 is rapidly coming up, there has to be a radical departure from the old way of doing business or soon, there will be no republicans left as the party leaders will have alienated everyone except the so called die hard ultra right conservatives with no sense of reality who seem to be the root of the problems.

1. Let's take the abortion subject as a starter which is a hot button topic any day. Why not seek some compromises? The reality is that the world is rapidly being over populated. What is so evil about promoting birth control, particularly in third world countries where the infant mortality rate is staggering? As is, the so called right to lifers have no stomach for ensuring the mother or the child is given adequate prenatal care and proper substance and support after birth. If these children are so important, why are the conservatives ignoring them after birth? Their only concern is protecting their vision of conception. The democrats have been very successful in cultivating converts from the ranks of the poor.

2. The old guard conservatives are all for global enterprise. While it sounds noble, millions of Americans have lost their livelihood and the jobless numbers keep growing. Where are the concerned party leaders who should be promoting some kind of national protections to ensure we are not being taken advantage of by the countries with whom we supposedly have free trade agreements with? Other countries are doing a much better job of covertly or outright subsidizing their employers so why not a tit for tat here?

I could go on all day about where the party is failing but if by not I have not conveyed a message, I have failed.

I will make a prediction however. If the party does not shift its position on the hot button issues and they do not shed some of the troublesome old guard leaders, they may as well fold their tent and slink away into oblivion.

Morals and principals are great but survival instinct has to kick in at some point.

Obama needs to be vetted

Thank you Michael Steele. You did the right thing that we citizens of America want to know. WHERE IS YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE MR. BERRY SOETONO AKA OBAMA.

I belong to a fourth arm of the Government. Citizens for american grand Jury.org we are in the process of Indicting Mr. Berry Soetono and/or Barach Obama or./ Berry Obama.

This grass roots effort is going across the country like wildfire and more Indictments are coming in daily. I have 2 here to file in court on Tuesday. We are fighting back and w hope to win. We want to see his birth certificate and some other things just go to www.americangrandjury.org and you will see for yourself and join us in this fight as Mr. Steele as done

Strengthen Local GOP Efforts

I see lower taxes, less government spending and a push for a more fiscally conservate agenda as essential elements to electing more Republicans. If, as it is often said, "all politics are local," some effort at developing a viable structure at the local level is needed.

For example, I live in CA's 32nd Congressional District, a Democratically-gerrymandered District. Last week we had a unique opportunity to elect a Republican--if we were cohesive and focused on getting Republicans to vote. Unfortunately, we were not.

The leading Democrat candidate mailed flyers to Republicans listing Republican groups that were supporting her. No Republican group should support a liberal Democrat--especially when three Republican candidates are running in a primary. One of the Republican candidates was a conservative Hispanic Republican whose polling data showed she had a real chance to win in our district--if we could get the vote out. She also had the endorsement of numerous Republicans groups throughout the GOP.

In my view, relying on volunteers to make phone calls is a necessary but insufficient means for getting the word out. For example, as a new RWF volunteer in two elections (2008 president and the special 32nd congressional), I observe far too many instances of RWF members commenting they won't make phone calls. In the 32nd Congressional race mentioned the phone calling was highly important and the emphasis was placing on calling Republicans. Thus, the calls were relatively easy, i.e., not hostile or sarcastic responses which can be difficult for many people to take.

While making these calls, it became very evident to me that many Republicans I spoke with were unfamiliar with the candidate or assumed that because of a Hispanic surname, she was either a Democrat and/or an open border/amensty advocate. Thus, in this instance, these phone calls provided a great opportunity to introduce the candidate as a true conservate Republican and explain the candidates views and GOP support for her. Unfortunately, as election day approached , I also observed (and later confirmed) the volumne of needed phone calls did not happen. The conservative Hispanic candidate lost the Republican primary. The candidate that did win seems to have lukewarm support and a poor opportunity of winning the July election.

It is known that the Democrats have union support and that the union members are dedicated to getting candidates elected. The GOP needs to develop a similiar structure.

Focus on Economy

I was a Professional Forester for 58 years and lost my business due to the Environmentalists who use false science to prevent Professional Forest Management of both Private and Public Lands.

I joined the USFS as a Crew Member at the age of 16 and I soon found out it was a Business of Care, Protecting, and Growing Trees for Environmental Purposes. But in order to accomplish this the Forest Service was charged with carefully harvesting timber trees and putting them up for public auction.

As a Crew Member of 50 men who were mostly Teen Agers except for our Foremen and Camp Boss, we were involved in controlling a Tree Disease. But, when there was a Major Fire we would travel all night in open trucks on wooden benches and arrive in time for Breakfast and the Day Shift of 12 hours.

As a Hand Crew we were very effective at building Fire Line and putting out fires.

But what impressed me the most that here was a Federal Agency that was doing the Care, Protection, and Growing an Agricultural Product that could be sold to Private Companies at a Profit to the American Citizens but with Administration retained by Government.

Not only but up until I left the USFS, they were sending more Dollars to the General Fund than Congress was allowing them as a Budget.

That changed and I could see the change coming because of Professional Foresters with a Scientific Degree were being over-ruled by non-scientific individuals who were not interested in saving Tax Payer's Money, but I digress.

I think one of the situations that Republicans have to focus on is the Absolute Fact that it is Private Industry and Private Enterprise is the only action that restores the best Economy and Employment available for the American Citizenry.

FDR proved this that creating Public Works and borrowing against future generations of Taxpayers without their permission. Even his Secretary of Treasury stated that the spending of Taxpayer's Funds did not and by 1939 had not solved the Great Depression.

Please, Please, put the focus on the creation, improvement and sustaining of a vibrant Economy depends on the American Citizens and the Private Industry and Private Enterprise.

Most citizens have been improperly educated that FDR's methods of creating more Federal Agencies, more Federal Employees, and more spending of Taxpayer's Money were the reason for diminishing the effects of the a Depression or Recession. This is a great falsehood.

Focus on the best method of restoring of the Nation's Economy. This is the most important function of a Political Party.

What needs to be done

The GOP needs to speak up and speak out.
You need to REACH the people that put their heads in the sand and ONLY listen to main stream media---and we all know who's side they are on.
You need to speak out and get to all the people that don't hear the truth from talk radio etc. You have to do adds, get on talk shows ---- WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY REALIZING EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON.

MOST PEOPLE LISTEN TO LOCAL STATIONS AND THAT'S IT AND WHAT THEY READ IN LOCAL PAPERS OR HEAR A LITTLE BLEEP HERE AND THERE. BUT THOSE ARE THE WAYS TO REACH THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE ALWAYS VOTED DEMOCRAT-----that was a lot of what I heard people say and the bottom line with Obama for people was his words and how he said them and is still saying all the bs.
HE'S A USED CAR SALES MAN and if that's what it take to win the people----so be it, as long as you are telling the truth unlike a lot of politicians in place right now.....

A new way of voting...

Why not change the way we vote? Instead of showing a form of Identification such as a driver's license, why not use a fingerprint scanner for Identifying voters during elections? Doing so eliminates multiple votes by the same person as well as names of persons who have since, passed away. Election fraud is an issue that is not only a primary discussion among republican supporters but it is discouraging many from voting. 2010 and 2012 are very Important elections and I am afraid that many will fail to vote because of bad Impressions regarding election fraud and ACORN. Media, Members of Republicans turning their back on their own, and public polls are eliminating the chances of success for republicans. These Issues must be handled. I do quite a bit of cheering for republicans but I am just a small person in a large convention of public bloggers.

Obama's Passport question

This is so simple, I wonder why no one thought of this before . . .

While having little interest in getting in the middle of the Obama birth issue, Paul Hollrah over at FSM did so yesterday and believes the issue can be resolved by Obama answering one simple question: What passport did he use when he was shuttling between New York, Jakarta, and Karachi ?

How did a young man who arrived in New York in early June 1981, without the price of a hotel room in his pocket, suddenly come up with the price of a round-the-world trip just a month later? And once he was on a plane, shuttling between New York, Jakarta, and Karachi , what passport was he offering when he passed through Customs and Immigration? The American people not only deserve to have answers to these questions, they must have answers. It makes the debate over Obama's citizenship a rather short and simple one.

Q: Did he travel to Pakistan in 1981, at age 20?
A: Yes, by his own admission.

Q: What passport did he travel under?
A: There are only three possibilities: he traveled with a U.S. passport, a British passport, or with an Indonesian passport.

Q: Is it possible that Obama traveled with a U.S. passport in 1981?
A: No. It is not possible. Pakistan was on the U.S. State Department's "no travel" list in 1981.

Conclusion: When Obama went to Pakistan in 1981 he was traveling either with a British passport or an Indonesian passport.

If he was traveling with a British passport that would provide proof that he was born in Kenya on August 4, 1961, not in Hawaii as he claims. And if he was traveling with an Indonesian passport that would tend to prove that he relinquished whatever previous citizenship he held, British or American, prior to being adopted by his Indonesian step-father in 1967.

Whatever the truth of the matter, the American people need to know how he managed to become a "natural born" American citizen between 1981 and 2008. Given the destructive nature of his plans for America - as illustrated by his speech before Congress and the disastrous spending plan he has presented to Congress - the sooner we learn the truth of all this, the better.

Count me in as one of those inquiring minds who'd at least like to know the answers to these easily answered (by Obama) questions.

What is the Re-Branded Message Mr. Steele?

Drill baby, drill?


Much has been put forth as to why Mr. Obama became President of the United States. After many conversations with fellow conservatives the general consensus was, "They're all the same".
As a Conservative, I became disgusted with the inaction of the Republican Party. They were the majority party for quite awhile. I clearly recall President Bush announcing his "Blue Ribbon Commission" to develop a simpler and more fair system of taxation. Afterward, I never heard another word. We are charged 38 cents on every gallon of gasoline we buy. Don't tell me we can't work a National Sales tax. A tax transition period could be phased along. Or, does the Republican Party believe America can't walk and chew gum at the same time.
No one, Republican or Democrat wants to secure our borders against the Illegal Immigrants. Conservatism in action? Until those elected get to work ... we quit.

Abortion/Gay Marriage

To Anonymous (afraid to give your name) re: The Republican Obsession with Abortion Will Lose Them Elections:
So you are socially liberal. In your opinion, Republicans being elected is infinitely more important than being against abortion. Apparently, your mother and father were not socially liberal--you are alive. Think--if your parents were socially liberal like you, we wouldn't have to read your miserable rant of what should be important to the Republican party. Also, you see no problem/s with gay marriages. Yet, from your statements, I get the message that you are a female married to a male, which is what true marriage is all about. Come on--make sense. Your comments are ridiculous.
It is imperative that the Republican party continue to be socially conservative. They must continue to be pro-life (not pro-abortion/death), and they must continue to endorse/support marriage between a man and woman. That is marriage. Endorsing/promoting gay marriages is liberal accommodation to garner votes, which is wrong.
Wake up! Your being socially liberal will get you nowhere.
Liz Abbott

Image is everything!

Sorry to say, but the republican party has been turned into this image of a bunch of gray haired old farts that just want to sit back and watch the country from a safe distance. The only reason Obama won the election is because he knows the Country is driven by the American Ideal image. Obama played up his "rock star" image and there isn't anything bad about being a rock start. So none of the Red Flags that were screaming as to what kind of president he was going to be stuck to him. I want to see a young out going candidate that has his/her finger on the pulse of what is happening in the twenty first century.

I don't want a candidate that is going to take up personal or religious causes. As much as I don't like the idea of abortions, its a right I want to have to make a choice with my body. And this country was founded on the idea of freedom of religion, so Christianity isn't only religion. I believe that the country has shown that high taxes and the poor economy are our primary concerns, not only conservative beliefs. Over the last 2 years, I have been unemployed for 18 of the last 24 months. I work in the mortgage industry and have worked in that industry for over 19 years. I don't know anything else. Personally, I would like to see the housing industry stabilize, which I believe would be the first step to turning the economy around.

I appreciate Michael Steele's voice right now. I believe that he has nothing to lose, so he needs to put himself out there every day. Call out these people in congress and the current administration on every mis-step so that something starts to stick to Obama's American Ideal persona. Some day, hopefully soon, the honeymoon will be over. Change the face of the party to something younger and fresher, but most of all, a party that is strong and ready to fight for a free America.

Wanna be loved and get the nation back in track?

Legalize marijuana.

re: Republican Party & Elections

As a republican who voted for Regan (two terms), George Bush senior (twice) and voted for his son (two terms), I am amazed at how out of touch, and how arrogant our party has become with the average (unemployed) American family. When every single cost (starting with oil prices) dramatically increased for the middle class, out went the lights for the entire economy. All of my republican friends voted for the democrats. And at the rate the repub. party is going, President Obama WILL be re-elected. We need a very strong sustainable middle class in this country, and policies that will enable that. Yet we debate abortion rights, gun control, etc. Again keep focusing on those issues and not the bigger picture of health care, jobs, etc???

We got FAT, OLD and OUT of touch! And unless someone can energize the party, I'm not banking (on what left I have) in my retirement money, on the republican party! There's something to be said about a good old a#@! thumping! For a lot of people it should help clarify issues. Hopefully our party will see that!


We know we need more Republicans so we can have LESS Government, and lower taxes!!!!!

The party of Lincoln has lost it's soul.

I left the Republican party because I could no longer stomach elected Republicans prostituting themselves and abandoning their stated principles for a price.

Are you so nieve or vacant as to think I am alone? Do you seriously think a vauge but powerfully worded "repackaging" of the party message will attract back those offended by apparant lack of vertebrae?

The Republican Party nees to find its soul. This can only be accomplished by the administration or a painfully cleansing enema. Those eleted republicans that have abandoned the principles that first drew us to the party must be scourged, chastised, and be put in positions where they can do no harm.

First should be California's Governor. What dimwitted scatophage gave this self-serving turncoat money with which to push for multi-billion tax increases?

Seriously sir: Wake up or shut up and step aside.

Warren Wilson
Valencia, CA

Republican strategy

I am deeply concerned about the new Rasmussen poll indicating a sharp decline in Americans identifying themselves as Republicans while the number of self-called Democrats is rising --- this despite an entirely Democrat-led government systematically and methodically destroying this country?!! WAKE UP REPUBLICAN PARTY!! The grassroots Tea Party movement is seeking to create a third party and Libertarians and Independents are joining their ranks in droves. I have not sent in my support for the Republican party because I want to hear that the GOP is pledging to return to its coservative roots. We do not need to be remade ---- the Republicrats in the party did that over the last few years and they all but killed the party. We do not need to appeal to the Colin Powells and Arlen Spectors. I am one of millions who will not be part of a party that once again seeks to welcome in those who seek to steer us further to the left. STAND FIRM ON THE PRINCIPLES AND VALUES OF OUR CONSTITUTION AND THE WISDOM OF OUR FOUNDING FATHERS AND RONALD REAGAN AND YOU WILL SEE THE PARTY RESURGE. Unless the GOP does this, a third party will again splinter conservatives and thus guarantee Democrat victories and doom this country into the hands of fascists.

We need to focus on all of the above

When did the Republican party have a singular focus? We need to focus and take a stand on all of the above, all of the time. That's how we return to power.
PS - letting abortion be a matter of choice is like letting slavery be a matter of choice. Abraham Lincoln disagreed with allowing one human being to own the life of another. We should stand with him.

5 HUGE, structural problems that GOP needs to address

This type of stuff swims around in my head quite a bit. Hoping Michael can capitalize on these things that are on MANY people's minds.

1. Elected officials are less accountable than ever. Nobody talks about the way we define & draw districts (gerrymandering), or the lack of term limits for U.S. House / U.S. Senators. Put those 2 together and you get a bunch of safe seats for incumbants for life with NO FEAR of losing, no competition for ideas, and makes money the most important issue in becoming a representative. This leads to fewer people paying attention to what our elected officials actually do. It wasn't always like this.

2. Rapidly increasing Size, power, control, role of Federal Government. 10th amendment: "Powers that the Constitution does not delegate to the United States and does not prohibit the States from exercising, are "reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." Does anyone believe this today? Who is talking about and understands the proper role of federal government? We have the Federal government replacing private company CEO's, board members, deciding to "invest" in private companies, interjecting itself into private corporate bankruptcy proceedings, ignoring contract law, choosing winners & losers (companies, interest groups) in so many matters. It wasn't always like this.

3. Diminishing Individual accountability & incentive to prosper. How can almost 50% of the population not pay federal taxes? What will that lead to? Federal government monies are now used as a safety net for prior (terrible) state fiscal decisions. Less incentive to get off of welfare. Making it harder for risk takers to take risks with their capital. It wasn’t always like this.

4. Family structure weak. Poor couples having more children than they can effectively raise & support. 70% of black children are born out of wedlock. It wasn't always like this.

5. Lack of global competitiveness of our youth / educational systems. Today’s 18-22 year old is by far intellectually inferior to one educated in the 18th century in this country. Kids don't know much about history, economics, law, language but are experts at pop culture and texting. It wasn’t always like this.

Who in this nation, in this party, will lead the messaging of these issues? The leaders that can talk about these things will win the hearts of people.

Getting Republicans Elected

You can't push an agenda when you are in a minority that will not be able to stop key issue votes through a filibuster . Wake up Republicans!!! Work to get Republicans elected first based upon conservative positions.

This is now a war against the ultra left, media shills, George Soros following, ACRON loving democrats. Unless we treat this as such, we will continue to falter as a political party. The time is now to parlay the Tea Parties into a powerful conservative movement for the 2010 elections. If you don't get involved, don't complain about the outcome.

Who Should Represent Us

The Founding Fathers did not view this republic or the Constitution as a matter of ‘left’ vs ‘right’ or of ‘democrat’ vs ‘republican’, etc. For them it was a matter of forming and maintaining a government which was ruled by the voice of the people, not one of a government ruling the people. It was a matter of forming and maintaining a limited government, with a set of checks and balances that prevented the natural, selfish ambitions of elected officials from preempting what was their elected purpose, one of representing the people. Those in today’s government have lost sight of, perhaps never understood or believed in, this point of view.

The fundamental problem is that those in elected office, whether national, state, of local, have come to follow a trend of serving their own ambitions for power and control so that they can remain unchallenged in office to achieve continued power and control. Those in office see their party, and themselves, as superior to their elected purpose. Consequently the people are relegated to patronization in order that the ‘party’ and ‘elected security’ of the individual official is preserved. Unfortunately, Republicans have been no better in this regard than have Democrats.

So, it is no surprise that the people do not see returning Republicans to the majority as a meaningful purpose. The meaningful purpose is a government that is maintained within the Originalist’s interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. For that, ‘parties’ are not required, perhaps not desired. Perhaps, for the Republican Party to return to power it must not see itself as being the party that needs to be in power, but rather as a collection of like-minded elected individuals that represents the people in such a manner that the people are in power, as intended by the Constitution. From this, there follows a small government of limited powers and role, low taxes, freedoms as specified in the Constitution (explicit and implicit), and security from without.

A government must be based on good morals, but that does not mean government legislates our morals. That comes from a greater power and it happens through our responsible interactions and expectations outside the government itself. Much of specifics we argue regarding morals would be solved if we did not use government as structure from which to have the arguments. In effect, we propagate what we see as the objectionable moral habits and beliefs of others by using government to advocate our position. To use government as the arena in which to have debates on morals suggests man has a larger voice than that of a divine being from which we derive the morals. It is far more effective to collectively and mutually have a set of morals and on that moralistic basis maintain a government in which the morals are implicit. That is exactly what the Founding Fathers intended.

There are perhaps only several needed actions to turn this republic and our government back to its original intent. It seems clear in reading the Federalists Papers that our Founding Fathers did not envision a ‘profession politician’ serving in government. They thought of members of the House as being citizens elected for a short period and afterwards returning to their private lives and earned an income other than being a politician. This, in itself, precluded the individual from becoming preoccupied with his or her personal power and control. They thought of members of the Senate as being men of experienced wisdom who could provide guidance through the voice of the individual states. Thus, service was at the convenience of the individual states. In so being there was a check and balance between state and national government There are two measures that seem necessary if we are to recapture the republic as it was envisioned and our Constitution as it was originally intended: (1) term limits and (2) repeal of the 17th Amendment.

Back to our basics is the only way to winning

The GOP's success in the past was due to the American people's trust in how our party could handle the economy and keep us safe. That means lower taxes, less government, more freedom.

We did a horrible job with all three of those when our party was in power. We got away from the Reagan and Contract with America principles and bet the house on social conservative ideals that were non-starters with the American people. We also did a horrible job in pointing out what we were doing versus what the Dems were doing.

We let our leadership take us into a slippery slope of corruption that made us look like the corrupt democrats of the 70s and 80s.

In other words, we had our chance and we blew it by overspending, not forcing our elected leaders to make tax cuts permanent, not talking up the economy when things went well, and driving an unpopular social agenda that was sometimes mean spirited, as in the case of illegal aliens.

Here in Texas, primaries became the "who's more conservative" races instead of focusing on new ideas and old ideals.

The GOP's growth was due to our fiscal conservative ideals. In order for us to become relevant again, we need to build a platform that guarantees financial security, physical security, and freedom. The principles of this platform should be:
- Change to our current tax system, making it a two tier system with only 1 deduction for mortgages. I would prefer that those two rates are fairly close to each other in order to guarantee a true fair share kind of system.
- Make a pledge to reduce government expenditures by 20% over a three year period.
- Demand line item veto.
- Demand a balanced budget amendment to be in place in 3 years.
- Secure our borders by coming up with a plan that makes sense, not just focusing on the fact that illegals are breaking the law. A work permit system that forces them to pay taxes without deductions would be a really good start.
- Provide additional resources to border states but let them decide how to best take control of the flow of illegals.
- Provide a framework where foreign aid is given only to friendly nations and directly tied to pro-democracy results.
- Pledge to only commit American troops in situations in defense situations or when American interests are being majorly violated. Instead, quadruple the budget for covert support to opposition parties of our enemies. This was Reagan's strategy and the results were amazing.

What shoould Republicans focus on

HEY out there!!!
If you are not in the kitchen you don't get to do the cooking!

I hope that this poll is not representative. Otherwise the responses to date tell us what's wrong with the GOP - only 14% want to push for a Republican majority. The other 86% want to accomplish a platform that can only be implemented with a whole lot more Republicans in local, state and Federal elected positions - but seem to see elections as secondary.

Are we more interested in creating litmus tests for potential candidates than in electing majorities? Ronald Reagan was happy if he could find common ground with others on only 70% or 80% of the GOP agenda. In governing he settled for even less facing a House Democrat majority then in place for almost 40 years.

You who give 1st priority to everything except electing more Republicans, what's your implementation plan?

Potomac MD

Reply to Abash from Potomac on topic of Republican focus


Our first priority HAS to be to lower govt spending and taxes.

All be it. The Republicans were in control and what did we get - ever higher and higher federal spending. What's the difference in GOP vs the Dems????

Yesterday I recieved a letter from Michael Steele asking me not to leave the party. I got news - I never left the party THE GOP LEFT ME. I have always been conservative first and Repub 2nd. Today you have Arnold salivating over Fed money to bail him out of his spending frenzy - and he is a repub. HUMMMM something is wrong with this picture.

Until the Republican party gets back to CONSERVATISM and the things that made them great ie Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey, Jesse Helms etc etc then the GOP will be a bunch of RINO's - ie Jumpin Jim and now Arlen along with Olympia and Susan.

Sooo, let's focus on good old grass roots conservatism adn the GOP will be back in dominance!!!!!

Noblesville, IN


We need you Michael Steele. We need you to be for the people, about the people. We need you and all politicians to be about what happens in THIS COUNTRY. We need all the politicians to be about keeping THIS COUNTRY FREE and NOT ABOUT JUST SAYING WHATEVER TO be voted in but to believe in this country and the people who have worked their buns off to make it to where they want to be...... It should never be about POWER and just getting voted in office and forgetting why you're there----to protect this country....not to let every tom, dick, and harry into it because it's a vote.......THAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH THIS ADMINISTRATION RIGHT NOW. A BUNCH OF PAY BACK POLITICIANS WHO ARE FILLING THEIR POCKET BOOKS WITH OUR MONEY FOR THEIR PORK BELLY PROJECTS THAT MEAN NOTHING TO THE REAL PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY AND SERVES NO SANE REASON TO GET MONEY....
ACORN SHOULD BE GONE. ALL GROUPS LIKE THIS --- GONE.....THIS COUNTRY doesn't need the gastopos---the snitches(unless they are helping the FBI, CIA, LOCAL POLICE)
I'm 63--female---and I'm so scared about where we are headed. For this group of people who lie to get where they are and continue to lie and NOT CARE about the real people.
NO MORE BAIL OUTS. I truly feel that this administration is taking us BACKWARDS. SAD SAD Obama is arrogant and should NEVER have been in place--but he used people his whole life to get where he wanted to be.
My daughter-in-law came from poverty and her parents NEVER ASKED FOR A FREE ANYTHING. They never had insurance. Her dad built his and her mothers log cabin to live in and he worked as an artist, taxidermist, guide for hunting---and they lived on what ever he caught and shot and grew. She went on to be a doctor and now has 200,000 student loans that they are trying to pay off and she's a rhumatologist, not a surgeon , so they don't make a ton, but they don't complain. They are scare as to what could happen to her practice and their home. They just moved here last August thinking this would be a great place for their son and her practice and now this MESS. My husband is trying to help as we are separated and so he's paying their first two years of house payments so they can maybe get some of her loans way down-----so we are sacrifising as well.

This group of politicians time and time again prove what IDIOTS they really are and usually have NO IDEA of what they are doing....


I hope and pray, Michael, that you can do GREAT AND GOOD for this country before it is toooooooooooo late.


I was surprised to see that the vote to have more Republicans on the hill didn't carry the largest percent! How in the world can all the other goals be achieved without more conservatives in our court?

If we wanna "get-r-done" we gotta have more Republicans in office! Nuf said.


I voted for more Republicans on the hill, but I was surprised to see that it didn't carry the most votes!

How can we ever achieve any of the other goals without more conservatives on the hill to "get r done?"

Nuf said...
Boone, NC

"Getting Republicans Elected" as a goal

That shouldn't be the key. That is the sort of thinking that gives us RINOs.

How about instead the Republican Party stands for some definable principles. We have a powerful history. We have powerful thinkers to consider. How about we all go back and reread "The Conscience of a Conservative" and take that as the starting point. Then find "The Speech" on the internet and listen to it - it points us in the proper direction.

Then and only then can we start to consider what the future of the Republican Party should be - going forward to valid principles or going back to the "Rockefeller Republicans" permanent irrelevancy.

Ray Kelly - Spring Hill, FL



Republicans need to Pay Attention to the Constitution

Republicans need to pay attention to the Constitution (BIG HINT!!!!!) The Democrats are following the letter of the Law of the Constitution to push their extreme measures through. If the Republicans would get back on track regarding The Constitution of the United States of America people would come up out of the woodwork to support them. Have you ever heard of a strategy used in games, called "Bait and Switch"?

The poll results

I am very disturbed that so many people who have participated in this poll just don't get it. The Republican party is completely out of power!! Our representation has been totally sidelined and ignored in the House and the Senate. The only way we are going to be able to change anything or to stop the liberals from completely destroying our country is by ELECTING MORE TRULY CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS!!! This is the only way we are going to get our voice back and the only way you can change anyting in a democratic republic. The 2010 and 2012 elections should be our ONLY focus!

The Poll

I do not agree, and the poll is correct. First you decide where you are going, then you plan how to get there. We want smaller government, controlled spending, and lower taxes. Then we elect representatives who in word and deed embody those exact precepts and are willing to follow through consistently when they get to Washington. The plan is the yardstick by which we measure our success.

truly conservatives

If the truly conservative republicans haven't shown up the past 8 years, they don't exist!!!

"...stop the liberals from completely destroying our country..."

Look at who destroyed our country the past 8 years? Oh no... not me... Twerp, who voted them in?

Don't tell me you don't touch yourself!

truly conservatives

If the truly conservative republicans haven't shown up the past 8 years, they don't exist!!!

"...stop the liberals from completely destroying our country..."

Look at who destroyed our country the past 8 years? Oh no... not me... Twerp, who voted them in?

Don't tell me you don't touch yourself!

The Republican OBSESSION with Abortion will LOSE Them Elections!

I am astounded at the idiocy of the Republican party's obsessive insistence to make abortion and gay marriage their mantra and conerstone of their party, when they are missing a golden opportunity to become the party of business and wealth-making and opportunity and fiscal and financial hope and reality. You guys are BLOWING IT! There are many indies like my husband and me who are socially liberal but fiscally conservative and all your party does is whinewhinewhine about the fetuses, while Newt Gringich and his great fiscal presentations go ignored. Your party has such an oppoturnity to pick up so many of us who were totally screwed by the Dems, but that abortion obessions makes us vomit. You are your own worst enemies and when you say you are a big tent party, you are lying just like what the Dems did to the late Senator Casey. We voted for McCain Palin and we love Palin, but if your 2010 platform is going to be the religious right's abotion/religious agenda as the be-all and end-all of why we should vote for your 2010 candidates, you've lost our votes already. As I write this, your poll shows that 41% of the respondents what your party to focus on "Lower Taxes less government spending" not "Let's make sure there is a police officer guarding every woman's womb 24/7" so if you screw up 2010 with the "Save the baby fetuses" BS, you will lose big time and have no one but yourselves to blame.


It sounds like your definition of happiness, value and success is based on money alone. What you fail to understand is this country will continue to spiral down because we have left the moral foundation that made us healthy. Abortion and other perversions are but symptoms of a disease. They are like the stench that comes from gangrene. This country is sick because we have chosen the disease instead. As the destruction of the moral foundation that created the Constitution continues, our downfall will continue. This while we lose a war against a greater evil than faced with Mao, Pot, Stalin or Hitler. A corrupt body dies, just as does a corrupted country.

By the way, if you do want to vomit, go watch an abortion.

I have very similar opinions

I have very similar opinions and views. I have considered myself a Republican my entire adult life until recently and have voted Republican (sometimes reluctantly) in every election with the exception of Ross Perot.

I am another fiscally conservative, socially liberal person and the obsession that I see many people take within the Republican party around social issues has forced me away from calling myself a Republican. I'm very saddened by this because I end up voting for what I believe is the lesser of two evils and have a very difficult time deciding which party really is just that.

I have lost trust, faith, and all enthusiasm I once had to support the Republican party because of their obsession with the religious right (no offense of those of you who are in that group but I just don't agree with you on most issues).

I was impressed with Michael Steele's speech today and am holding out some hope that things might change. In the meantime, I remain an independent who is actually supporting our current President in most areas (except his fiscal policies of course).


Who is going to stand up against abortion if not us Conservatives that believe in the right to life? How dare you state that we will lose on this agenda. We are not obsessed people we are concerned about a baby being given the opportunity to live. How would you have liked it if you had been aborted because of a lack of good judgement and birth control. I hope that the Republicans will stand strong on this issue! So many worry about a womans rights, what about the fetus rights to have a life? In fact the latest polls have flipped, now the ones that don't want abortion are in the majority, so something awesome is happening to the hearts and minds of people. I say we can win with sticking with the belief that a baby in the womb has the right to life. You need to get a "life", or let others have the right to a life!!


I totally disagree with this premise. Sarah Palin was loved and admired. 70 to 80 percent of Americans believe abortion is murder. Because it is! One of the reasons we lost this election was because the economy turned down and the dems had the media on their side. It was getting very close. Besides this was a novelty election because there was a cool black dude running. We need to stand for life. I am astounded at the totally immoral stance of anonymous who doesn't even have the courage to use her name. ABORTION IS MURDER. How can you condone the murder of innocent life? This is appalling!

Excuse Me! But what is it you don't understand about principles?

Politically, I consider myself American first, which is why I'm a Conservative (I want to preserve the ideal, the grandest experiment in the recent history of the World), and then I was Republican, because the United States of America is a Republic. There are relative uniform versions of a document called, "Why I'm a Republican". You can get one from a State or County Headquarters.

When Republicans run on Conservative principles, They/We/America win. When they then govern as wimps who want to be loved by an International Leftist Media (who will Hate them as long as they have (R) after their names). Few Republicans will be enamored with the resultant Leftist Lite.

The Hatred from the Left has become Pathological. A Libertarian friend of mine says Leftists in the 60's, drug of choice was pot and acid, but now it's coke and speed, so they're always on edge, laughing at diatribes about horrible deaths of perceived enemies, and jokes about 911. This folks, is flat-out mean, not clever.

Now, about obsessions. I submit it is the Leftist Democrats who are OBSESSED with abortion. It is they who are obsessed with Gay Marriage. Their obsession with abortion has cost us 30-60 million workers since Roe v. Wade. The workers had to be replaced; Illegal Aliens automatically filled the void. I personally find this arrogant "Liberal" Neo-Colonial semi-slave owning attitude repugnant.

As for Gay Marriage, I would recommend thinking twice, marriage is not always a picnic. It's a lot of work, I know, I've been hard at work for 43 years. I was a child groom. I do think that you've been listening to too much of the Drive by Media propagandists or possibly too much of GE's pan-NBC propaganda machine which has misled the public about so many things. Most Republicans aren't one trick ponies; they have a much bigger tent than the Democrats who tolerate no deviation from their Leftist, by which I mean Marxist-Statist path. The words are carefully focus group and poll tested to fool the American electorate. Even Republicans were swayed by 7 years of Propaganda that would have put Goebels and the Soviet Union to shame.

Most Republicans have respect for innocent life and Traditional Marriage; the Left shows no such respect and demonizes anyone who disagrees with them. They control the "Main Stream" Drive by Media who respects nothing and no one who they perceive as enemies. If you were a student of real history you would also know that Socialism could only exist by Repression of "perceived enemies" who are to then be destroyed. If you were educated post-Dept of Educrats, you haven't been told.

It's been my experience with "indies", by which I think you mean Independents that it's not that they're smarter than everyone and can remain above the fray, it's just that they think they are. Reciting Democrat talking points doesn't replace studying, research and thinking. Loads of self-esteem doesn't hold a candle to rational thought about real concerns. It is you I'm afraid who is "blowing it" by buying into the Left's night soil of a male bovine. Read Ayn Rand's "We The Living", to find out where the Left is taking us. It's not Republicans with which you should have a beef.

Oh, by the way our Sarah, is Pro-Life and pro Traditional Marriage, and I like her too.


You couldn't be more right...NOT!

You are exactly right. If we had not been out trying to save the unborn babis, the liberal group would be dying out by now and we wouldn't be haveing to worry about them by now. Just think of a world where all liberal moms thought it was their responsibility to abort their babies. HMMMM. No President Obama! What a plan.

I agree.


Just like the left having an obsession with gun control.

Republicans have lost their way

We as conservatives must get back to the Reagan model. Fiscally conservative, less government,lower taxes, strong military, energy independant ect. We can not keep moving to the center. We tried it and lost! The main thing to do right now is to have scientists debunk the global warming myth and push for drilling here now, building refineries, nuclear power plants, exploring the use of natural gas for for our cars ect. We have to get back on track to push our agenda, it died right after Obama got elected! Think how many jobs this would create and stimulate our economy!

where have you been...

... it died when Obama got elected?

Where were you since Bush took office? And how many jobs have Bush/GOP destroyed?

Stop blaming, twerp!

Republican focus

Although I voted that pushing a fiscally conservative agenda should be our party's focus it is not necessarily my first choice. However, in order to elect more republicans to the house and senate, I feel this is the direction the party should take. After we have regained the majority in one of the legislative bodies, I would like to see more focus on a socially conservative agenda.

Thank you.

Re-focusing Republicans

We need to understand that the liberals are panicking Americans and telling them that all conservatives are either fanatical or money-grabbers. Then they come to the rescue by offering a last minute rescue plan, but fail to tell people of the strings attached and what the true cost of their rescue plan is. And I’m not talking about dollars or debt. What Americans are loosing is our liberty. If we try to tell people the truth, they tell people that Republicans are fear-mongers, when in reality; they are the ones that spew fear and hide what they are really up to.
What might help - Minority conservative celebrities need to be encouraged to be a loud voice of reassurance and political awareness that America is tough because of our strong commitment to freedom. Also, every Republican leader needs to have a loud persistent voice on the – web, radio talk shows, News, News, News. And don’t wait till election time, if you do, people won’t believe you… Our Republican leaders and celebrities need to get out of their shell, get off their duff, and get in the media’s face. A good example is Star Parker. She’s not afraid to tell the truth. Our leaders need to STOP being afraid of being conservative. We are the moral backbone of this Country, and without us America would disappear. Why are we the ones that are ashamed of our values? The liberals are the ones that need to be ashamed. In our area, the black conservatives are afraid to speak out because they feel alone, so they just don’t do anything. It’s a lie that 90% of blacks vote democratic.
As for abortion – Liberal leaders and judges only passed laws to give women the 'Right to Choose' because they think most women are too dumb to say no to a man; and they don’t want low intelligent women having low intelligent babies. That's why they don't like Palin - she didn't submit to their so called superior ideology. Instead, she believes in the importance of every human life (as do all true Christians). Our liberal leaders in Washington only look at their uneducated women constituents as ‘inferior peasants to be managed’. They know that that child is a human, but their goal is to demoralize our Christian values. Because the liberals already justify the disposal of the unloved and imperfect, I sometimes worry that their next step in dealing with their unwanted is: ‘Humans deserve to live - only as long as they are of some use’.
As for homosexual marriage – why not encourage Unions for those that choose a monogamy relationship. The definition of marriage should not change or be compromised to accommodate a dissimilar lifestyle, so why not seek to create something that gives them the various Government rights they need. But no, we can not change foundation principles to accommodate a few people that want to live as man and wife when they are not. If they do make a monogamist commitment to each other, it should not be called marriage - that name is already taken. Most Christians feel that homosexuality is a lifestyle, not a race or gender – therefor this should not be a civil rights issue. They should not have special rights to change or take away our foundational principles. We should not have to change our world to be like theirs either; they need to find a non-intrusive way to fit in to ours. Homosexuals should not be put on a pedestal - only that they should be treated as equal citizens. I think a monogamy relationship of a union would give them what they need without tearing down our foundational principles.


Liberal leaders and judges only passed laws to give women the 'Right to Choose' because they think most women are too dumb to say no to a man. Would you please cite your sources on this as I've never read or heard any of this first-hand or second prior to your entry. This is something that should be exposed so that the female population can consider this when voting on their own personal freedoms.

Gov't spending

If the republicans had been fiscally responsible under Bush, they may not have lost so badly in the last election!

electing more Republicans

I wish you had said electing more conservative candidates, because we do not need the liberal Republican supported by the RNC. We have that problem in NJ right now. The GOP has supported a liberal Republican because "they think ke can win" - the GOP doesn't care that there is no platform, that he will raise our taxes, that he is soliberal on immigration ... Steve Lonegan is a conservative. He has a platform, he wants immigration dealt with and no benefits and will not make NJ a haven for illegals.

What Republicans Need to Do

Get rid of the RINOs! John McCain sunk us in '08 because a lot of the base won't work for a RINO, not any RINO! Charlie Crist is no better than McCain. Nothing but a cheap opportunist!

This sign up page was really a mess.

Why is there this "Support Michael Steele" website? How about we just support good solid conservative Republicans and no RINOs for a change and see how that works.

And people are wondering why the Republicans seem so confused and lost! Because our leaders are lost, that's why.

Lead, Follow, or get the Hell out of my way!


Perhaps I watch too much news, but if the Republicans just sit back, shut up, and stay out of the way, just watching the Democrats every night on the television will win many of the next elections. What Democrat wants to be in the same political party as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank or Eric Rangel? Let's just sit back and relax and watch them ruin their party. They don't need our help...