Mirai, experience the future
Mirai, experience the future
Mirai, experience the future
Mirai, experience the future
MIRAI and CHIMEI are two innovative brands in Digital Home Entertainment and Display Technology. Both brands are developed using a combination of Japanese technology and Taiwanese cost efficiency and are supported by an extensive 3 year warranty and support package. MIRAI first entered the European market in December 2005 and CHIMEI in August 2007.
Experience the future with MIRAI
MIRAI presents a complete range of LCD TVs from 19" to 42", manufactured with the latest technology and design. Embracing the digital revolution, all of our widescreen LCD TVs from 22” are HD ready and higher range products also feature an integrated digital tuner to support DVB-T, the new Digital Video Broadcasting standard for terrestrial TV.
CHIMEI - The Widescreen Expert
The introduction of CHIMEI across Europe will benefit consumers by providing more flexible access to the latest technologies and a global efficiency in manufacturing and inventory. With the focus on 16", 19” and 22” widescreen models and multifunctional technologies, CHIMEI LCD Monitors can be applied in a home or working place environment.
Nexgen Europe B.V.
Both MIRAI and CHIMEI are sold by Nexgen Europe B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of Chi Mei Corporation. It has successfully built LCD TV products for well known OEM customers since 2002 with a clear focus on maintaining levels of quality and reliability. Production facilities are located in China and Taiwan with a further factory located in Germany for European supply.
Chi Mei Corporation
The Chi Mei Corporation was founded over 45 years ago with main activities focused on the petrochemical and electro-technical industry. Today it has over 36,000 employees and net group sales for 2006 were in excess of 10.5 billion US dollars. In 1998 the Chi Mei Corporation correctly identified that TFT LCD was the display technology of the future. A 3.5G factory was quickly established and through aggressive investment and the implementation of newer generation plants, the Chi Mei Corporation is now firmly identified as one of the top 3 suppliers of LCD panels in the world. Production in 2005 exceeded 22 million large format LCD panels used by MIRAI and other respected "A-List" brands. Chi Mei produces TFT LCD technology for LCD TVs, desktop monitors, notebooks, mobile phones, PDAs and personal video systems.
European Head Office
Guaranteeing a high level of after-sales support to all customers, service for MIRAI and CHIMEI products is managed directly by the EMEA Head Office of Nexgen, where an established Pan European service partner is operational in all major territories. The MIRAI European Head Office is situated in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, which is the management and co-ordination centre for sales, marketing and service operations.
Mirai, experience the future