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Lambert Conformal Conic
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Database search

 by earthquake

Earthquake set
All: all earthquakes (except false).
Strong: "strong" eartquakes following the definiton given in the CFTI3 catalogue (Intensity > 8).
Unknown: earthquakes unknown to the CPTI04 reference catalogue.
New: earthquakes that were not listed in the CFTI3 catalogue (or that underwent significant revision since its publication).
False: "false" earthquakes (earthquakes that never occurred).
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Earthquake parameters
The two selection criteria may also be used independently.
Year from: 1857 Year to: 2007
Intensity from: VII Intensity to: XI
selects all earthquakes having an epicentral intensity VII or larger that occurred between 1857 and 2007.
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IntensityFrom To

 by individual locality

Enter the full name of a locality or part of it.
The search is case-insensitive.
Example: a search for "bolo" returns Bologna, Bolognola, Sala Bolognese and Sorbolo.
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