Coruscant fire fighter

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  • Vehicle:
    emergency firespeeder
  • Affiliation:
    Galactic Republic

From the Movies

Protecting the endless cities of Coruscant from potentially disastrous fires and explosions are a team of brave and dedicated fire fighters. These individuals pilot the firespeeders that prevent fiery wreckage from crashing into the planet's towering skyscrapers. During the Clone Wars, some of their ranks had been drafted into military service, and could be found serving aboard Republic warships.

The fire fighters and pilots carry fire-suppression backpacks that feed a handheld hose-gun. Their helmets and faceplates completely cover their heads, offering them complete protection from dangerous temperatures and radiation.

From the Expanded Universe

The numerous civic districts of Coruscant maintain their own Rescue Op teams in case of emergencies common on heavily populated planets. Prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars, a garbage launcher misfire in the Desrini District heavily taxed the Desrini Rescue Ops as they had to weather the toxic fallout that followed the catastrophic blast.

Fire Team Three was on duty when the fragment of the Invisible Hand screamed into the Coruscant skies. Two members of this maverick team gave their lives in efforts to stop the burning craft. The lead craft escorted the remains of Grievous' flagship as it crashed into an abandoned industrial district.

Behind the Scenes

The firespeeder pilot seen in Episode III is played by Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll.

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