sando aqua monster

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    200 meters long
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From the Movies

A fearsome leviathan lurking the waters of Naboo, the sando aqua monster is aptly named for its prodigious size and monstrous appetite. Its huge mouth can swallow most other sea creatures -- or even a Gungan sub -- in a single gulp. Its heavily muscled body is almost feline in appearance, with sinewy limbs terminating in massively finned claws that propel the creature through the depths.

From the Expanded Universe

The sando aqua monster's unthinkable size and rare appearances have fostered many legends and myths regarding its origins and habits. There is more unknown than known when it comes to this giant aquatic mammal. Its muscular body, devoid of visible fat, blubber, or underwater streamlining suggests an animal only recently adapted to survival in the Naboo abyss. Scattered reports document the sando actually surfacing in swamp lakes and attacking herds of falumpasets and fambaas.

Male specimens can grow to over 200 meters in length, females at least 150. Their life-spans are believed to reach several hundreds of standard years.

Behind the Scenes

The original concept sketches of the sando aqua monster featured large eyes, which worked against the illusion of massive scale. The creature's head was redesigned with smaller facial features that preserved the monster's apparent size. The sando's muted color palette was inspired by the typical hues of large terrestrial animals, like elephants and whales.

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