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March 22, 2010


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That's great. I like Chris Evans and I think he's really the next in line for a decent franchise. Yeah, yeah - please let's not mention Fantastic Four lol.

meh, good for him, I wanted Skarsgard. I want to see him in a superhero-role. dammit.

Superhero movies must die. Snooze.

I guess if nothing else, this.. /mostly/ guarantees we won't have to worry about seeing a Marvel movie crossover with Fantastic Four in the future...

Great choice, glad he accepted.

I'm still wishing for Jensen Ackles. I like Chris, but I don't feel as though his acting is strong enough. The edge Ackles could bring to the roll would have been spot on.
And if they can work around Chris's other movie schedules, why not work around Ackles' Supernatural?
Maybe he'll surprise everyone, but I dunno.

Really? The guy who played Human Torch in the Fantastic 4 movies? Has a more shallow, superficial superhero ever been depicted on film? And they want this guy to play a cultural icon like Captain America? Fail doesn't even begin to describe it.

chris evans is great, I just hope the movie lives up to his talents and that he is not getting screwed with the lowly 300,000 for 9 films that they were discussing before.

I would have preferred someone older. I guess C.A. IS your quintessential American Handsome man, though.

Finally its all over. I am totally glad he accepted the role. Also glad we were not going to get kellan lutz or channing tatum. Cant wait to see how rest of casting unfolds.

How is that going to work since he signed on to an Anna Faris rom-com a few weeks ago that's also supposed to be shooting this summer? Looks like someone is going to have to call his lawyer and see if he can get out of a contract.

Or, this is all just complete bunk and you needed some hits today.

well he could easily drop the film if his contract for that film allows. And they have plently of time to recast his role. Or maybe marvel and fox reached a deal so he could do both. Who knows. But i am glad we are not getting kellan lutz or channing tatum.

Who else wants to see Bradley Cooper as Giantman?

I am not to keen on this decision. I like Chris Evans as an actor but I just cannot seem him playing this role. I hope he proves me wrong.

that guy can't act ..

Yes! He really was the best possible choice out of all the candidates they'd shortlisted.

So I guess the billiards scene on Community a couple weeks ago didn't vault Joel McHale into contention after all.

The only way this could be good is if the Marvel Zombies show up and eat him.


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