This is a place of information, support and hope for people living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, sometimes known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Or M.E. for short. The Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Association of Ontario (MEAO) is a volunteer-run organization that has been assisting people living with M.E. since 1991. We also offer information and support to family members, physicians and other professionals, and the general public.

An estimated 334,000 Canadians have M.E./CFS, which affects people of both genders, all racial and ethnic backgrounds, all classes and all ages – including children. Some of our members are newly diagnosed while many others have struggled with M.E. for twenty years or more. When we also take into account the number of Canadians who have the related illness of Fibromyalgia, there are 724,000 Canadians with these two chronic illnesses, more than any other chronic illness other than diabetes! We must have more funding, research and services for those living with M.E./CFS.

We offer the following services, in addition to this website:

  • Call our Info Line: In Toronto, 416.222.8820; Toll-free across Ontario 1.877.632.6682
  • We produce brochures in four languages and we can tailor an info kit to your needs.
  • Check out our Events and News section for workshops you can attend.
  • Become a Member and receive our quarterly newsletter.
  • We educate physicians, teachers, lawyers, employers and others.
  • We run public awareness campaigns and we advocate to improve services for people living with M.E.

We are also raising funds to open our first public centre in Toronto.

What's New

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Our M.E./CFS Brochure is also available in Portuguese, Chinese and French

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