Imperial Navy Troopers

  • Appeared in:
  • Size:
    1.8 meters
  • Weapon:
    Blaster pistol
  • Vehicle:
    Death Star, Imperial Star Destroyer, Super Star Destroyer, Death Star II
  • Affiliation:

From the Movies

Serving aboard the mighty vessels of the Imperial starfleet as well as the awesome Death Star battle station, Imperial Navy Troopers are well-trained guards and soldiers charged with a variety of duties. They serve as security, handle hangar traffic control, monitor sensor arrays and perform other tasks when their combat skills are not required.

The Imperial Navy Trooper dressed in a black uniform and wore a large black protective helmet. They are typically armed with blaster pistols.

From the Expanded Universe

These soldiers were created by the Imperial Navy to serve as a fighting force without having to rely on the ground-based troopers of the Imperial Army. It was from these ranks that Grand Moff Tarkin selected a corps of highly trained elite men and women to become Death Star troopers. Though their uniform proliferated throughout the Navy, to many the black suit and helmet still invoked images of the Death Star operation.

Behind the Scenes

Though some sources identify the black clad guards as "Death Star troopers," these soldiers' placement aboard Star Destroyers and the Endor bunker shows that they have a wider range of duties. The original Kenner action figure for this trooper bore the morbid name of "Death Squad Commander" before being changed to the more toy-appropriate if not entirely accurate "Star Destroyer Commander."

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