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December 11, 2008

Star Wars Insider #106 hits newsstands soon and features a Clone Wars cover or special Han Solo variant available only at select comic stores or from Titan's official website.

In this issue you'll find the usual great selection of content spanning the entire Star Wars universe:

  • The Clone Wars Season I Episode Guide covers the first ten episodes of the new series
  • The Force Unleashed audio lead David W. Collins discusses his work on the new game and his voice work for Proxy
  • Celebrate 30 years of "The Star Wars Holiday Special"
  • Trace the earliest exploits of the galaxy's favorite scoundrel, Han Solo
  • Interview with toy designer Mark Boudreaux about Hasbro's ultimate new Millennium Falcon toy

Also appearing in this issue are the regular departments and columns: Discover the secrets of the new Star Wars Encyclopedia in the Books section, and get a preview of Dark Horse's latest from the Star Wars: Dark Times series: "Blue Harvest". Coverage also includes Han Solo collectibles, upcoming releases from Gentle Giant, Bantha Tracks, Bounty Hunters, Classic Moments and more!

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