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Web Hosting Services and Domain Registration for Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.
Hello, and welcome to Painted Turtle Web Hosting. We were born in beautiful Antrim County Michigan and were formed to provide web hosting services for Northern Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula that was inexpensive, yet completely secure. By doing so, Painted Turtle Web Hosting ranks among the cheapest web hosting services in Michigan. However, we would rather not say "cheap" we would rather say inexpensive, for there is nothing "cheap" about our services. Inexpensive web hosting is more like it.

Why Painted Turtle Web Hosting?
As we stated earlier, we offer some of the lowest web hosting services in Michigan. We know Michigan is facing tough times nowadays. Many people have discovered they can turn to the Internet and create a web site to make some additional money, whether it is by selling products or services from their existing business, or using affiliate links or drop shipping. By doing so, they can sell to people all over the world. We would certainly like to encourage that, and one way to do that, is offering very reasonable rates. Take our web hosting service. Right now, we are offering web site hosting for $5 per month. That means, for the price of a $5 foot long, which will last you for 1 or 2 meals, you can have your web site hosted for a full month! Plus, you get other services along with that, including:

                + Web Hosting with Web Site Builder!
                + Starter Web Page
                + Personalized Email Account
                + Quick Blogcast
                + Domain Forwarding & Masking
                + 100-Pack Email Forwarding
                + Auto Renew Protection
                + Total DNS Control
                + Domain Locking
                + And much more!

Great! But why "Painted Turtle" Web Hosting?
Since our primary focus is providing web hosting services and domain name registration for people in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, we wanted a name that symbolized the State of Michigan, yet was original. Well, did you know the state reptile for Michigan is the painted turtle? Because of that, and because of the fact we liked the logo, wala! Painted Turtle Web Hosting was born.

Do you have to live in Northern Michigan or the Upper Peninsula to take advantages of your services?
Heavens, no! We welcome anybody around the world to use our "cheap" web hosting services (whoops, I mean inexpensive). We market to Northern Michigan and the U.P., but all are welcome!
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