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November 21, 2008

Episode Air No.: 8 (Season 1; Episode 8)
Original Air Date: November 21, 2008
Production No.: 105 (Season 1: Episode 5)

Written by Kevin Rubio; Henry Gilroy; Steven Melching
Directed by Jesse Yeh

Key Characters: Padmé Amidala, Senator Onaconda Farr, Viceroy Nute Gunray, Jar Jar Binks, C-3PO

Key Locales: Rodia

Anthony Daniels as C-3PO
Ahmed Best as Jar Jar Binks
Catherine Taber as Padmé Amidala
Matthew Wood as General Grievous / battle droids
Dee Baker as Onaconda Farr / clone troopers
Tom Kenny as Nute Gunray / Silood
Ian Abercrombie as Chancellor Palpatine
Tom Kane as narrator

Episode Brief: Jar Jar Binks is a Jedi Knight? So thinks the Separatists when comically heroic Gungan and C-3PO fight to save Padmé Amidala from doom at the hands of evil Viceroy Nute Gunray.

Notable: Series debut of Jar Jar Binks, Gunray, and Farr.

Full Synopsis

"Heroes are made by the times."

Newsreel: The Clone War threatens the
unity of the Republic! As battles
rage across the galaxy, more
worlds succumb to the
seductive lure of the Separatists
and leave the Republic. On a
vital mission of peace, Senator
Padmé Amidala journeys to the
Outer Rim world of Rodia,
desperate to ensure its loyalty
remains to the Republic....


The silvery needle-like Naboo yacht darts toward the verdant world of Rodia. Aboard, Senator Padmé Amidala, Representative Jar Jar Binks and protocol droid C-3PO prepare for landing. Padmé is speaking to the holographic form of Chancellor Palpatine, who is concerned with the Senator's travel through enemy territory to the Outer Rim. Senator Onaconda Farr of Rodia has personally requested an audience with Amidala, and she could not turn down such an entreaty from a dear family friend.

Rodia is imperiled, its supply lines ransacked by pirates and its people starving. The situation is dire. Palpatine would feel more comfortable had Amidala been accompanied by a clone escort, but she insists this is a diplomatic mission of peace. Palpatine is also concerned about Jar Jar's unpredictable presence, and discreetly advises Amidala to make sure only those qualified to represent the Republic be present during the talks.

The yacht flies through the defensive dome surrounding the Senatorial residence on Rodia, and sets down within a hangar. Jar Jar is eager to visit a world teeming with swamps like his native Naboo, but Amidala diplomatically requests that Binks remain behind to keep an eye on C-3PO. Amidala disembarks, and is greeted by Silood, Senator Farr's aide, who takes her inside the citadel. Amidala extends a heartfelt hello to Farr, or "Uncle Ono" as she affectionately calls him. Farr is a longtime friend of the Naberrie family, and had even previously worked closely with Amidala's father.

Though Farr is happy to see Amidala, his sentiments turn bitter when talking about the Republic's neglect for Rodia. The planet was left to fend for itself when waylaid by pirates. Amidala tries to insist Rodia is an important world, but she realizes that the Senate's failure to act weakens her argument. Farr reveals that he has reluctantly made a deal with Nute Gunray for a relief effort. Gunray is offering food, ships, and protection. Amidala is outraged. Gunray cannot be trusted, but Farr has no choice. Battle droids suddenly rush in and surround Amidala. Her capture was part of the deal Farr has made.

Back at the Naboo yacht, Jar Jar Binks is intrigued by the loud -- and occasionally rude -- sounds coming from the swamp underbrush. Convinced he can talk to the swamp-dwellers, Jar Jar begins chattering to the reeds, and some unseen creature responds by spitting up slime at C-3PO.

The hangar doors open and battle droids suddenly appear. Jar Jar scurries back into the ship and closes the ramp, but poor C-3PO can't shuffle aboard fast enough. Jar Jar reaches out to pull C-3PO in, but underestimates the protocol droid's weight and is instead dragged outside as the entry ramp closes. Stuck in the hangar, Jar Jar and Threepio scurry to take cover as the battle droids open fire. Jar Jar leaps behind a control panel and accidentally triggers the switch for a large overhead magnetic hoist. The magnet picks up Threepio, pinning the droid to its surface. Trying to maneuver the magnet, Jar Jar instead bowls over the battle droids with the heavy contraption.

Next, a Separatist crab droid comes scuttling into the hangar, its guns blazing. Jar Jar scrambles for cover, but is cornered by the droid and ends up riding the automaton. Jar Jar's antics cause the droid to hop and spasm wildly, until both it and the Gungan tumble off the end of the hangar platform. C-3PO watches with shock. Has he witnessed the end of Jar Jar?


Turns out, no: Jar Jar climbs up the edge of the hangar, shaken but all in one piece. The Gungan correctly deactivates the magnet pinning C-3PO, but then follows up by slamming the hoist down on the Naboo yacht, flattening the silvery ship.

Jar Jar and C-3PO inspect their ruined vessel. C-3PO advises either somehow calling for clone reinforcements or hiding. Jar Jar opens a closet that holds a Jedi cloak. He realizes that if the battle droids attacked them, then Padmé is likely in trouble. Jar Jar is determined to save her, and grabs the robes, seeing them as the perfect disguise.

Elsewhere, Padmé is led to a holding cell in the detention tower and chained to the wall as Farr regretfully looks on. Silood announces that Gunray's shuttle approaches. Farr asks about the status of Amidala's friends, but Silood reports there are no signs of them. Assuming that they fled into the jungle, Farr leaves to prepare for Gunray's arrival.

A Neimoidian shuttle settles at the main hangar bay and Nute Gunray emerges. Wasting no time for pleasantries, he demands to see Senator Amidala. Jar Jar and C-3PO hide nearby, and overhear that Amidala is in the tower. Suddenly, a battle droid catches sight of Jar Jar and identifies him as a Jedi. Nute Gunray orders his troops to attack, and the battle droids charge. Jar Jar runs while C-3PO attempts to surrender. Binks slips through a floor grate into the swamp water beneath the hangar. Nute Gunray demands the "Jedi" be found, and that C-3PO be taken to the dismantling center.

In the water, Jar Jar's stirring agitates an enormous swamp slug creature called the Kwazel Maw, which gives pursuit. Jar Jar surfaces at the grate leading to the hangar. He uses the native vines to climb up the side of the detention tower.

In her detention cell, Padmé uses a concealed lock pick to undo her shackles. She overhears the battle droids outside commiserating about a Jedi on the loose. Amidala runs with it, talking loudly as if a Jedi had entered her cell and rescued her. The confused battle droids open her cell to investigate and Padmé kicks the droid down, grabbing its blaster and firing away at the prison guards. She has escaped.

Padmé crosses paths with the battle droids escorting C-3PO and blasts them too, freeing the protocol droid. Threepio brings her up to speed, informing her anpit Jar Jar's rescue attempt, that the battle droids mistook him for a Jedi, and how her ship is now a pancake. Padmé sees this as a chance to capture Nute Gunray, and orders Threepio to find a communications center to call for clone reinforcements.

Viceroy Gunray and Senator Farr cross the walkway leading to the detention tower, and Farr inquires about the status of his relief supplies. Gunray feigns surprise that the supplies have not yet arrived, and says the request will be taken into consideration after Senator Amidala's execution. Farr is shocked. Gunray is altering the deal now that Rodia is under his protection. Despondent, Farr's only hope is in the "Jedi" reported to be on the loose on Rodia.


At the apex of the detention tower, the battle droid guards report to Gunray that Senator Amidala has escaped. Just then, Jar Jar climbs to the top and is spotted by the droids, who open fire. Jar Jar falls but is tangled in the vines. He lands back down at the lower deck and once again retreats into the swamp water below. Padmé spots Jar Jar, but is in turn seen by the droids. The battle droids open up the grate to the swamp water and drop thermal detonators.

Jar Jar swims to safety, but a super battle droid fires a homing torpedo at him which twists through the murky water at the Gungan. Swimming at great speed, Jar Jar once again crosses paths with the kwazel maw which also gives pursuit. The mighty beast gulps Jar Jar into its mouth just as the torpedo strikes.

The explosive report shakes the surface, knocking Padmé off her feet. She realizes Jar Jar must be dead, but her mourning is interrupted by the arrival of Viceroy Gunray and Senator Farr.

C-3PO reaches the communications center and distracts the battle droid guards with news that the Jedi has been spotted nearby. Taking the controls, C-3PO contacts the clones on a restricted military frequency and calls for immediate help for Senator Amidala on Rodia. The battle droid guards return and take C-3PO under arrest.

Underwater, the evidently torpedo-proof Kwazel Maw spits out an unharmed Jar Jar Binks. The creature seems peaceful, and Jar Jar proclaims the helpful beast his new friend.

C-3PO is marched to Amidala's side, where she is held at gunpoint by Gunray's droids. Droidekas roll into the scene and unfurl into their combat modes, ready to act as executioners on Gunray's orders. Farr begs for her life, but Gunray is determined to see this through, relishing his moment of revenge.

Just then, Jar Jar appears in full Jedi robes, terrifying Gunray. Binks orders the Senator released. Gunray's droidekas open fire instead on Jar Jar, but the Kwazel Maw erupts through the floor, and begins trashing droids left and right as it flails about on dry land. Jar Jar rides the beast through the battle, and the impervious monster bodily pushes Gunray's shuttle off the hangar platform.

The tables have turned. Padmé picks up a discarded blaster and holds it at Gunray. Senator Farr, too, has grabbed a blaster. Gunray calls for the Rodian Senator to blast Amidala and the Jedi, but Farr refuses. Padmé, recognizing what Farr has been through, gives him an opportunity to save face. She suggests that Farr had never intended to leave the Republic, and Farr concurs, putting Gunray under arrest.

Just then, Republic destroyers arrive overhead. Gunships land in the hangar bay, and Clone Commander Gree reports to the Senators, taking possession of Gunray. Chancellor Palpatine appears via hologram and commends the capture of the Viceroy. Palpatine has also pledged relief efforts to Rodia.

Trivia & Details

  • Amidala mentions that she has been friends with Senator Farr since she was a little girl, when he was her father's "strongest ally in the Senate." It is unclear what previous association Ruwie Naberrie may have had with the Galactic Senate, though his careers as educator, builder and relief worker may have caused him to work side-by-side with Senator Farr.

  • Amidala's turban-like headdress is a purple variation of a white shroud that was designed but not used in Episode II.

  • A Rodian salute of greeting appears to be open hands, palm-down, crossed over the chest.

  • At episode's end, Senator Farr refers to Jar Jar as "Master Bombad," but the dialogue that would have identified that as Jar Jar's ersatz Jedi name was cut from the final episode.
  • The Kwazel Maw design is based on unused Ralph McQuarrie design for a swamp slug creature on Dagobah.

Memorable Quotes

"I put my faith in diplomacy. We can't solve all of our problems by throwing troops at them." -- Padmé Amidala.

"There's always a choice! To live in fear is no life at all!" -- Padmé to Senator Farr.

"Jar Jar, you great webfoot! You're squooshing my circuits!" -- C-3PO.

"Oh lookie! Here's a button that's still workin!" -- Jar Jar Binks inspecting the ruined Naboo yacht.

-"Dat's a lookin like a Jedi robe. Whosa you supposin dis belongs to?"
-"I wouldn't, um, know. Hm." - Jar Jar Binks and C-3PO finding a Jedi robe aboard Padmé's ship.

"Wait! Mesa eyeball stuck in the sleeve!" -- Jar Jar Binks, getting dressed.

"The battle droids will surely capture you! Or worse, me!" -- C-3PO, attempting to reason with Jar Jar.

"I have a very bad feeling about this." -- C-3PO.

"There's a bad boogie monster down dere, you betcha." -- Jar Jar Binks, describing the kwazel maw.

- "Go back to the ship and call for help."
- "I regret the transmitters on the ship are out of order."
- "What?"
- "The ship has been destroyed."
- "Battle droids?"
- "No."
- "Jar Jar?"
- "Jar Jar." -- Exchange between Padmé Amidala and C-3PO.

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Padmé Amidala

Onaconda Farr

Jar Jar Binks


Nute Gunray

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