To: U.S. West Coast, Alaska, and British Columbia coastal regions
From: NOAA/NWS/West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center
Subject: Tsunami Information Statement #4 issued 02/27/2010 at 1:58AM PST

A strong earthquake has occurred, but a tsunami IS NOT expected along the California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, or Alaska coast. NO tsunami warning, watch or advisory is in effect for these areas.

A tsunami has been generated that could potentially impact the U.S. west coast, British Columbia, and Alaska. The West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center is investigating the event to determine the level of danger. More information will be issued as it becomes available.

A tsunami has been observed at the following sites:

 Location                   Lat.   Lon.    Time        Amplitude
------------------------ ----- ------ ------- -----------
40min SAN FELX C 26.3S 80.1W 0809UTC 0.69M/2.3FT 27min Corral Chile 39.9S 73.4W 0727UTC 1.45M/4.8FT 40min Talcahuano C 36.7S 73.1W 0659UTC 1.80M/6.0FT VALPARAISO C 33.0S 71.6W 0708UTC 2.60M/8.6FT
Time - Time of measurement.
Amp. - Tsunami amplitudes are measured relative to normal sea level. It is NOT crest-to-trough wave height. Values are given in both meters (M) and feet (FT).

At 10:34 PM Pacific Standard Time on February 26, an earthquake with preliminary magnitude 8.8 occurred near the coast of central Chile . (Refer to the United States Geological Survey for official earthquake parameters.)

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Ewa Beach, Hawaii will issue a tsunami warning for regions near the epicenter.

Messages will continue to be issued hourly by the WCATWC until the event status is upgraded to a warning or advisory, or until the center has determined that the event poses no threat to the California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska coasts. See the WCATWC web site for basic tsunami information, safety rules, and a tsunami travel time map and table. (NOTE: Travel time maps and tables indicate forecasted times only, not that a wave dangerous to the U.S. and Canadian coasts was generated.)

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