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Tech Talk
Tech Talk Videos
Sprint 4G service is unproven

The carrier has a limited WiMAX network in 27 cities, as AT&T and Verizon bet on a different wireless standard.

Starbucks' social media strategy

The Seattle coffee chain prides itself on how it engages customers through the use of social media.

Zero-client computing
PLAYZero-client computing(3:50)Mar 22

With all computing done on a server, this three-inch computer saves power and operating costs.

SXSW 2010: Location is everything

At the SXSW Interactive conference, Twitter and FourSquare are promoting location-based social networking and promising big returns.

Technology transforms the NYSE

Traders return to the trading floor as they settle into the New York Stock Exchange's new state of the art workstations.

Twitter CEO announces '@anywhere'

Evan Williams introduces Twitter's new interactive platform at the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas.

Night workers keep Vegas bright

Employees of YESCO work overnight repairing the giant casino signs along Las Vegas Boulevard.

Behind the scenes at Verizon Fios

The telecom giant's fiber network, connecting local facilities to businesses and homes, is taking years to roll out.

Foursquare's app for city living

Foursquare phone application helps local businesses find new ways to connect with their customers through social awareness.

Cell phone sports still challenged

Exclusivity agreements between leagues and service providers coupled with weak signal strength hinder watching games on the go.

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