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Ladies love Chris Daughtry, and it's never been simple for the men in their lives to figure out why. How does Daughtry do it? He doesn't sing pretty, he doesn't write catchy, and you probably look better than this guy when you wake up in the morning, even if you passed out behind Pizza Hut. He always looks incredibly pissed off, as if Vin Diesel just stole his razor. His greatness is the way he embraces the full-on rock cheese that runs in his veins. He has no interest in playing cool; all he cares about is ovary-melting power ballads. Hell, he even calls his band by his surname, a corny trope that rock stars haven't dared since the days of Winger and Montrose.

It takes gall to put a song called "No Surprise" on your second disc, but gall is something Daughtry does not lack, and that's what made him one of the only bona fide rock stars to come out of American Idol. In Leave This Town, he brings in chick-rock titans like Richard Marx and Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, and teams up with Vince Gill for an ace country heart-tugger, "Tennessee Line." But the topper is "Life After You," where he stands by the side of the road, 10 miles out of town, after burning out his engine speeding back to his woman to beg her to take him back. Daughtry is cocky enough to know the ladies love him even more when he makes their boyfriends suffer.


(Posted: Jul 20, 2009)


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