Bryce RemsburgBryce Remsburg - Our Senior Official!
: Human
Duties: Referees matches, stops mayhem, delivers justice, makes levity.
For more info, visit Bryce's day job: Secret Pants Sketch Comedy

Nick Papagiorgio Nick Papagiorgio - The Other Referee!
Type: Loud Human, Timid Official
Duties: Referees the matches Bryce doesn't want, drinks lemonade.

Jonathan Barber Jonathan Barber - The Other Other Referee!
Type: Tall Human, Intolerant Official
Duties: Referees the matches neither Nick nor Bryce want, makes tasty waffles.

Jakob Hammermeier Jakob Hammermeier - Our Bilingual Ring Announcer!
Type: Educated, graceful human
Duties: Announces match participants and related whatnot in German.

Gavin Loudspeaker Gavin Loudspeaker - Our Other Ring Announcer!
Type: Loud Human
Duties: Announces match participants and related whatnot in English.

Leonard F. Chikarason Leonard F. Chikarason - Recently Reassigned to Commentation Station!
: Believed to be human
Commentates matches, moderates the fan forums and such.

The man known only as Wiggly Wiggly - Co-Host of CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go!
Type: Unknown
Duties: Hosts, produces, edits and does most everything related to CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go, draws stuff, creates music.
For more info, visit Wiggly's online sanctum: Wiggly's World

The woman known only as Chiz Chiz - The Other Co-Host of CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go!
Type: Human
Duties: Hosts CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go with Quack when Wiggly gets sick of him.

Dieter VonSteigerwalt Dieter VonSteigerwalt - The New Director of Fun!
Demanding human
Makes matches, interprets rulings by the Commissioner, signs important paperwork.

David L. Coulier David L. Coulier - Our Commissioner!
Mostly cyborg
Duties: Lords over all that is CHIKARA, with an ironic fist.

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