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OpenDNS is not like Site Finder

OpenDNS is not like Site Finder, the discontinued service from VeriSign which wildcarded domain names so that any mistakes or non-existent domain names were automatically re-directed to a landing page (history of Site Finder). VeriSign runs the .com and .net global top-level domains (gTLDs), which means the changes they made impacted everyone in the world. Authoritative DNS servers must be consistent in their answers, by definition. Recursive DNS servers, however, may make changes on a per-request basis based on a variety of factors. This is a technical way of saying that OpenDNS is fundamentally different from Site Finder because our recursive DNS service only serves customers who choose it. OpenDNS customers choose our service for its benefits and may choose not to use it at any time. VeriSign's changes were forced upon the entire Internet by one organization violating its neutral position granted by the Department of Commerce.

OpenDNS does not have a contract with the Department of Commerce. We have an agreement with you, and that's a lot more valuable. We know some of the people who spoke out against Site Finder and who served on the ICANN committee tasked with reviewing it. They support not only what we're doing but the spirit in which we're doing it.