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Air Corps Fleet - BeechCraft SuperKing Air 200


The Air Corps operates one Beechcraft Kingair 200. This aircraft entered service in 1980 and operates seven days a week carrying out a wide variety of roles for the Air Corps.

In addition to its transport role, the Beechcraft Kingair is utilised to a large extent in the multi-engine, multi-crew training scenario for both cadet pilots and qualified pilots. It provides an excellent platform for imparting essential multi-engine flight characteristics and Multi-Crew Co-ordination techniques to students before progressing onto other multi engine, multi crew aircraft in the fleet.

Photo of Alouette III


BeechCraft Statistics
Aircraft Type Beech King Air 200
Role(s) Presidential, Ministerial, Military and VIP transport, Air ambulance & pilot training
Crew 2 Pilots, 1 Flight Attendant and upto 7 Passengers
Powerplant 2 x Pratt & Whitney PT6A-41 turbo props
Wing Span 16.61 metres (54 feet, 6 inches)
Height 4.57 metres (15 feet)
Length 13.34 metres (43 feet 9 inches)
Armament Not Applicable
Entered Service 1980

BeechCraft Performance
Max T/O Weight 5,675 kilogrammes (12,500 pounds)
Service Ceiling 31,000 feet
Cruise Speed 240 knots
Maximum Speed 256 knots
Endurance 5 hours, 30 minutes (Plus reserves)
Range 1,300 nautical miles