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Building Upgrade Cable

What do you need?

 - micro usb connector
 - serial TTL to usb

The Peek cable contains a serial TTL to USB chip (prolific). To build a cable simply connect up the Peek side to the serial TTL to USB chip
and connect the micro usb side to the output of the serial TTL to USB chip. This does work with a 3.3v level shifter.

If you have an extra charging cable, the connector can easily be removed and used. Cutting off the plastic shielding exposes two unused solder points to which you can attach the TX/RX lines.

Pin # Peek TTL to USB Micro USB
1 +5V(USB Standard) N/C N/C VBUS (Red wire)
2 TXD +1.8V TTL TXD D+ D+ (Green wire)
3 RXD +1.8V TTL RXD D- D- (White wire)
4 N/C N/C N/C N/C
5 GND GND GND GND (Black wire)
Shield Drain wire

Ordering Upgrade Cable

To order one you can visit http://boutique.getpeek.com/upgrade-cable-for-your-peek.html

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