colo claw fish

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From the Movies

Colo claw fish are immense underwater predators that dwell in the porous caverns of the Naboo core. Natural phosphorescents give its eel-like skin an eerie glow. They have flattened flukes for bodies, with a large toothy snout flanked by hooked grasping claws -- hence the name.

From the Expanded Universe

The colo claw fish's lethargic digestive process means it hunts less than the other underwater predators of Naboo's depths, but is no less terrifying. If threatened, the colo will lash out with amazing speed. The beast can release a bizarre hydrosonic shriek that stuns its prey. Its bite delivers a powerful poison to further immobilize its victim.

The colo claw fish has immense jaws hinged to allow the swallowing of large prey whole. Its temporomandibular claws help push prey down its throat, and its stomach expands to hold large amounts of food. After gorging itself, the colo retreats to its cave dwelling to hibernate and digest.

Representations of the aquatic monster have been part of the Naboo folk culture for ages, often used to symbolize distrust and fear.

Behind the Scenes

Concept artist Terryl Whitlatch wanted the colo claw fish to have an invertebrate look, so her early designs were based on an earwig. Later refinements incorporated crocodile and moray eel features into the design.

In The Phantom Menace, the colo claw fish was developed as a computer-generated creature, like all the deep sea dwellers of Naboo. Its glow was carefully added to allow the audience to see the creature in the dark caverns. Sharp-eyed viewers will notice that the colo that chases the Gungan sub is a mother protecting its young.

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