KUT Beeble Blitzer Shinebox Ghosts Bolsa Slosinger Cowfish Junker Coldwar Unreleased Covers
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KUT Live Set


  1. Magnolia 
  2. Cold Bed 
  3. Jenny Brown 
  4. Grave on the Green Hillside  (unreleased) 
  5. When Wine Was Cheap 
  6. Web Before You Walk Into It 
  7. Where's Your Light (unreleased) 
  8. Money Honey 
  9. Pine Tar Ramparts 
  10. Clear Night 
  11. Makes Me Roll  (unreleased) 
  12. Low Is The Way  (released on All the Labour Comp) 
  13. Flamenco Caberet 
  14. I Come Up 
  15. Wired Ol Gal  (unreleased) 
  16. Ringing Dark and True 
  17. Plaid Coat 

Dem's Good Beeble
Dem's Good Beeble


  1. Piss and Moan Blues 
  2. Caledonia 
  3. Dying Of The Pines 
  4. Jenny Brown 
  5. Clear Night 
  6. Sweet Li'l 
  7. When Wine Was Cheap 
  8. Money Honey 
  9. Honduras 
  10. Ringing Dark and True 
  11. Pine Tar Ramparts 
  12. Makes Me Roll 
  13. Trampled By The Sun 
  14. Web Before You Walk Into It 
  15. I Come Up 
  16. All The Labor 

Stadium Blitzer


  1. Lament 
  2. Plaid Coat 
  3. Magnolia
  4. Stadium Blitzer 
  5. LGO 
  6. Boil My Strings 
  7. Coppermine 
  8. Maria 
  9. Raining In Port Arthur 
  10. Dyin' Diamond 
  11. When The Money Comes Rolling In 
  12. I Ate The Haggis 
  13. Cold Bed 
  14. Pushed Her Down 
  15. Pine Island Bayou 
  16. I Like Drinking 
  17. God's House (acapella) 



  1. Ziggy Stardust 
  2. Gin and Juice 
  3. Magnolia (live) 
  4. Lament (live) 
  5. Trampled By The Sun (live) 
  6. Maria (live) 
  7. I'm Troubled (live) 
  8. Plaid Coat (live) 

new tracks from extended Shinebox LP version

  1. Everybody's Missing The Sun
  2. Dooley
  3. Two Girls 
  4. Omaha
  5. Jones, Oh Jones

Ghosts of Hallelujah
Ghosts of Hallelujah


  1. Up On High 
  2. Ghosts of Hallelujah 
  3. Gangsta Lean 
  4. County Orange 
  5. Ladies Choice 
  6. January 6 
  7. Pair of Goats 
  8. Fine Leather Truck 
  9. Bean Bowl 
  10. My Time, Yer Time 
  11. Son of Bum 
  12. The Flat Baritone 
  13. (the new way of) Grievin' & Smokin' 
  14. Rugged Roses 
  15. Lowlands 

Bolsa de Agua


  1. El Paso 
  2. Jesus Christ with Signs Following 
  3. Big Santiago Bust 
  4. Receipts and Fevers 
  5. Pickles 
  6. Oh Rings 
  7. Bugs in the Whiskey 
  8. Waterbag 
  9. Hallelujah Shine 
  10. Layin Around the House 
  11. Meat Off the Bone 
  12. Flamenco Caberet 
  13. Turn My Head Around 
  14. Tearbox 
  15. High Highs and Low Lows 

Clocker Redbury/Dusty Slosinger 


  1. Loveseat 
  2. I can Smell It On You (lyrics) 
  3. Psycho Jerk 
  4. In Regards To Tom S 
  5. Collections Gettin 
  6. Cats Of Joy 
  7. This Reminds Me 
  8. The Comealongs 
  9. And You Gaze Down 
  10. The Nipple Form 
  11. Phils Jasper 
  12. Oh No
  13. Mardi Gras 
  14. Finish The Round (lyrics) 


Cow Fish Fowl or Pig 


  1. My Name Is Jorge
  2. Roll and Tumble
  3. 1st In Line
  4. Foggy Blossoms (Mechanical Bride)
  5. The Bridge
  6. Ants on the Melon
  7. Hellhounds
  8. Blankets
  9. Short Guy Spiritual Rap
  10. Bottle and a Dime
  11. Right in the Head
  12. Hamfisted Box of Gloves
  13. Prayer That Fell Upon the Mirror
  14. Sweet Nutty
  15. Ceiling's Leaking
  16. Smoke Bend

Kevin Russell's Junker


  1. Virgin Of The Cobra

  2. Twilight Of Song

  3. (Somebody Bring Me A Flower) I'm A Robot

  4. Way Fallen Stranger

  5. Shoetie Rag

  6. Sam Morgan

  7. Milk & Tears

  8. Ashes In M'Beard

  9. No More The Moon Shines On Lorena

  10. Imbibing My Prescriptions

  11. Church On Fire

  12. Blackfoot


Slosinger-Redbury - Cold War's Hot Water Shower


  1. PH9
  2. Cut'em Loose
  3. The Blue Bottled One
  4. Dial it In
  5. Dusty's Wet
  6. Little Bells
  7. I'm a Commie
  8. 2 Digits Deep
  9. Mr. Teller
  10. Oh Zero


Unreleased Tracks


Ain't Gonna Have It Tonight - Jimmy
Starkweather Made Nebraska(Free for All vol 2) - Jimmy
Steeple Full Of Swallows(SXSW vol 2) - Kev

Tex Mex & Pakistani Package Mile - Kev
Wannamakers - Kev

The Whore Strummed a Song- Kev



* There is no real covers tape.

Amazing Grace
American Girl
At the Crossroads
Barstool Blues
Copperhead Road
Crazy Arms
Family Tradition
For the Turnstiles
Gin and Juice
Green River
If I Should Fall From Grace With God
I'm Troubled
In the Pines
Lay Lady Lay
Lisa Says
Losing End
Midnight Moonlight
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
Oh Sister
Old Man From the Mountain
Pancho and Lefty
Queen Bitch
Railroad Lady
Sing Me Back Home
State Trooper (lyrics only)
Together Again
Under the Boardwalk
Under Your Spell Again
Waxie's Dargle
Whiskey River
Wildwood Flower
Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Wreck on the Highway
Ziggy Stardust


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