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From the Expanded Universe

The pirates that prey on the spacelanes have a variety of motives. Greed and power are most common, but there are those brigands with a sense of honor and higher purpose. Nym is just one example.

A rare example of a Feeorin, Nym was orphaned at an early age. A childhood raised by harsh criminals tempered Nym's physical skills and abrasive personality. By the time he reached adulthood, Nym's reputation as a fierce fighter and brilliant tactician earned him respect in the underworld. Before long, he amassed a pirate crew and became a scourge of the spacelanes.

Nym's fearsomeness came not from cruel acts of violence -- in fact, he made every effort to minimize bloodshed in all his ventures -- but rather, the speed and effectiveness of his raids. One of his prized spoils of piracy became his personal ship, a heavily modified Scurrg H-6 bomber he named the Havoc.

Nym's success eventually got the better of him. Hoodwinked by a Trade Federation-hired mercenary named Vana Sage, Nym was captured trying to fence a cache of secret weapons. He spent time in a Trade Federation brig, but was promptly rescued by his loyal crew.

Returning to his base on Lok, he found it flattened by a reprisal strike delivered by the Trade Federation. Enraged by his new enemy, Nym partnered with two unlikely allies to wreak his own brand of havoc against the colossal foe. Rhys Dallow was a Naboo pilot devoted to protecting his world. The very same Vana Sage who captured Nym was in turn betrayed by the Federation, and joined Nym in a quest for vengeance.

During the Battle of Naboo, Nym provided crucial support to the combined Naboo and Gungan efforts to repulse the Trade Federation. His Havoc transformed Trade Federation military hardware into smoking rubble.

For his role in helping liberate the planet, Nym was awarded a full pardon from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine for his past crimes. But Nym wasn't about to turn a new leaf. He returned to the fringe life, leaving his newfound friends behind.

Returning to Lok, Nym found that the Trade Federation was using his old base as a staging ground for their raids in the Karthakk system. Creditless and without his forces, Nym couldn't hope to defeat them, so he lay low in Bothan space looking for work.

Nym spent the next few years working the oddest of jobs, but before long, he rebuilt his pirate forces, becoming a capable and distinguished leader.

Behind the Scenes

Nym was developed for LucasArts' Star Wars: Starfighter game. Always envisioned as a loud, caustic pirate, Nym's earliest design notes didn't specify his species. It wasn't until sketches by Lead Artist Jim Rice and Concept Artists James Zhang that Nym became a Feeorin. Since his game appearance, Nym has also made the leap to comics, first in a short story in Star Wars Tales, and then his own mini-series, Star Wars: Starfighter -- Crossbones. Nym appears again in Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter.

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