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September 9, 2009
It's really been a long time since the last update, but finally here is what's been added this year - three new Tribute bands:
The Handsome Devilz
The Smiffs

December 21, 2008
New links added:
The Ringleaders
Still Smiths

April 27, 2008
New link:
Blow Up Prints

February 3, 2008
New links:
Morrissey - the new official page.
The Smiths File Online
Mozzbozz’s blog

August 22, 2007
New link:
Morrissey and Me

June 23, 2007
New link:
Cover Me Badd

April 7, 2007
New link:

February 15, 2007
New link:
Girlfriend In A Coma

January 14, 2007
New link:
Viva Morrissey - a forum in Italian

December 8, 2006
New link:
The Sons & Heirs

December 2, 2006
The Postcards page was finally updated, for the first time since 1999 :-). New postcards added in co-operation with
November 8, 2006
New or updated links:
Morrissey Tabs and Chords
Down On The Corner
The Smiths
September 27, 2006
New links:
Hiddenbyrags - The Smiths and Morrissey Resource
Morrissey Turkiye web site
The Smiths - Karaoke M1 Style
New links:
An Obscured Chance To Save Your Life
Trouble Loves Me
March 25, 2006
New links:
Morrissey at
Pretty Petty Thieves
Soak the Sin

Several dead links was removed. Thanks a lot to the one who anonymously e-mailed me about the dead links!

December 7, 2005
New or updated links:
Louder than bombs
This Charming Band
The Smiths Indeed
Last of the famous

May 5, 2005
New or updated links:
Live - Smiths
Feel Every Beat
Manchester... so much to answer for

March 17, 2005
Finally an update again, 11 months after the previous one. Well, better late then never. Many dead links have been removed, and a few new links added.
Here are some of the New links:
Strangeways - The Smiths' Fan's Forum
The Smiths & Morrissey - dansk side
The Slips
Kill Auntie
Morrissey in glasses
The Smiths in MIDI
Angel Adam
The Smiths and Morrissey Archive
Mark Prindle's Absolutely Stupid Smiths Review Page
Wor(l)d of Morrissey
Why Pamper Life's Complexities?
Rhythm Online
New url:
Typical Me - The Smiths en español

April 17, 2004
Finally an update, so now the links below (for April 14 and March 8) are also to be found on the other pages of the site.
I replaced the @-character with (at) in the e-mail addresses to all the linked sites. That way I hope to prevent that spam mail will be spread to the listed addresses.
April 14, 2004
A few new sites for you to check out:
A Morrissey T-Shirt page
A Swallow On My Neck
Typical Me
None of these links have been added to any of the other pages of the site. Let's see if that happens this week...
March 8, 2004
Long time, no updates. But here are a few new sites for you to check out:
The Smyths
Does Morrissey Have A Hand Fetish?
Hatfull of Smiths
The Moz Forum
The Lazy Sunbathers
None of these links have been added to any of the other pages of the site. Let's see if that happens this week...
November 6, 2003
Did you win your own copy of 'How Soon is Never'? Find out here.
October 31, 2003
New address:
The Official Boz Boorer Site
October 13, 2003
New link:
Portraiture by Hosojima
September 20, 2003
First of all a big Thank You! to all the people writing to me and asking me to keep on running Shoplifters Union!
Then, here are a few new links for you to check out:
Morrissey Forum.
The Smiths & Morrissey - In Korean.
Korg M1 versions of The Smiths' songs.
Nobody Loves Us
BRP Records
Bigmouth wrightphoto

May 24, 2003
It looks like Morrissey's threat to close down was just a threat and nothing more. But because of his behaviour I have lost the interest to run this site. I don't know if anybody would really care if I would shut down Shoplifters Union, because after announcing that I might close the site 11 days ago I've received only one e-mail that asked me to continue. That mail was from David Tseng who is hosting the site.
Anyhow, I have decided to leave the site on-line, but from now on there will be very few updates, if any (So it's really no change I hear you say).
I have today checked the site for dead links and I found a lot of them. Some were removed and others were updated with their new url. You'll have to find out yourself which ones...
May 13, 2003
As seen here Morrissey is threatening to close down which is hosting this site. In support for David Tseng and because of lost in interest for anything connected to Morrissey this site will most likely close down in the near future.

Morrissey, Get off the stage...

February 23, 2003
New link:
Morrissey Madness
New contact info for Morrissey added on the FAQ page.
January 4, 2003
New link:
And some pages and links were updated as well.
October 8, 2002
New links:
Janice Long's Session with Morrissey
Matin Smiths/Morrissey bootlegit
And the Bookstore pages was updated a bit.
September 19, 2002
New links:
The Other Smiths
Trading page
September 7, 2002
New links:
Small Town Playboys
Morrissey - Journal of a New Fan
+ Many dead links removed. Hopefully more will follow soon.
August 24, 2002
New links:
A Stitch To Wear
New address:
Myth is Morrissey

August 10, 2002
New address:
Franck cd'r-page

July 20, 2002
New link: - A place to buy or sell the hard to find new, used, rare, collectible, limited edition and promo records.
June 28, 2002
New links:
Kiss My Shades
Manchester... so much to answer for
New address:
Morrissey Drive Me Home
Illness As Art
May 19, 2002
The Bookstore page updated with Morrissey's Manchester
April 20, 2002
The Johnny Marr CD's page updated.
New link:
April 14, 2002
New links:
Waltark's Trading Pages
Ville's Trading Page
April 4, 2002
New link:
The Smiths Is Dead
New address:
Wythenshaw Syndrome
Bigmouth strikes again
February 24, 2002
New link:
Wythenshaw Syndrome
New address:
Alive with Morrissey
The Holy Shrine of Morrissey

I did a quick check for dead links and found a lot of them.
Please if you find some more. Thanks!
February 17, 2002
Two new books,
Morrissey's Manchester and The Smiths and Beyond was added to Smiths & Morrissey Books.
February 7, 2002
New links:
Boots traders of the world, unite!
Franck cd'r-page
New address:
Mel's Morrissey page
Wilde to Receive Anything You'd Care to Give
January 7, 2002
New link:
Viva Hate
New address:
Boz's Rockabilly Frenzy
November 20, 2001
New link:
London is Dead club - Los Angeles
New address:
To Die By Your Side
November 13, 2001
New link:
New address:
The Diana-Morrissey Phenomenon
October 27, 2001
New link:
October 7, 2001
New links:
The Lazy Sunbathers
Morrissey Fanfare
New address:
Strangeways, Here We Come
Nobody Loves Us
Bigmouth strikes again

September 13, 2001
New links:
Shyness Is Nice
The Smiths on NME.COM
Morrissey & I
New address:
The Smiths and Morrissey Bass Tabs

August 14, 2001
After about a year without a counter on the site I decided to put up a new one. It's nice to see how many visitors I get every day (about 300-400) :-).
The new book "Morrissey" by Pat Reid was added to the Bookstore

August 12, 2001
New link:
There is a light that never goes out

August 5, 2001
At last! - the new layout of the site is ready.
Basically everything is new, apart from the CD/Bookstore sections.
Lots of dead links has been removed / updated and a bunch of new links has been added:
Sheila Take A Bow
Bigmouth strikes again
Gary "GAZ" Day
Ask Me Ask Me Ask Me
Nobody Loves Us
Let Me Get My Hands On Your Mammary Glands
Alain Whyte Syte
What she said
You Must Please Remember
Long May It Last
Arena Morrissey
True To You -A Morrissey Zine
...and more. Which ones? - Why don't you find out for yourself.

Any feedback about the new layout is Welcome!

January 28, 2001
The links I added January 24 are now listed under the different catagories of the site. New address: SomethingNormal

January 24, 2001
Hi! Long time - No update. I'm still working (or rather, now I will start) on a re-design for the site and I have no idea when I'll be ready. But at least I have a list of new sites for you to check out. I have not yet put the links under the different catagories of the site, but I'll do my best to do it before this week ends.
New URL's:
I Started Something I Couldn't Finish
Diana's Death Foretold in the Work of Morrissey
Lucky Stars
The Sanest Days Are Mad
Bilingual Recordings
Jar of Honey
Let Me Get My Hands On Your Mammary Glands
The Indie Shop... Brit Pop & Indie Rock Radio
Alive with Morrissey
Charming Winamp Skins
Resurected Raymonde
Guilt By Implication
@kiraware - The Smiths & Morrissey Cdr Bootlegs
The Smiths Classic
Collected Photographs As A Homage
Trading page
The Smiths and Morrissey Bass Tabs
Boy Racer Productions
Morrissey and Kafka
Johnny Marr's Healers unofficial site
I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday...

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