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A Rocket to the Moon Interview - 02.23.2010

Interview with Eric Halvorsen (bass)
Interview by Jason Schleweis | 02.23.2010 | Phone

It seems that the past few months have been a bit of a whirlwind for you guys with your debut album just releasing about four months ago; what has the reception to the album been like so far?

It's been awesome. We've definitely had a lot of new kids that have been listening to it and been getting a lot of positive feedback. Along with the old songs from the EP it's been going well. I know there's always negative feedback but I don't really pay attention to that I guess and the rest has been all good.

Now I know you're signed to Fueled By Ramen, but there's a rumor that Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy was the one who stepped forward and initially signed you guys...

We're actually not signed to Decaydance [Pete's record label]. Pete had showed interest in us and wanted to do a split with Fueled By Ramen and Decaydance but the Decaydance side of things never worked out. So we're actually just signed to Fueled By Ramen. We actually don't work with Pete at all.

You guys have been closely involved with the non-profit organization Music Saves Lives before and now you're playing on the Take Action Tour. What does it mean to you that your band is so involved with these important charities and able to help out like you have?

It's awesome man; I think we're all pretty strongly into doing more than just putting out music. It feels awesome every night to know that kids are coming to see us and money from their ticket is going towards Driving For Donors, and we can tell kids to go sign up to be a donor or buy a CD [which also contributes money to Driving For Donors]. It feels awesome to know that we're doing more than just going up and putting on a show every night.

Your sound features an interesting mix; despite being from the Northeast I detect a hint of country "twang" in some songs while others are more heavily electronic. What contributes to your unique sound?

Just a wide array of influences. Justin [Richards, guitar] and Nick [Santino, vocals] are obsessed with country music so that's definitely had a lot to do with those songs that you mentioned. We just wanted to create a good overall sound on the record and that's what happened! There's the pop songs and the country songs all bunched up into one.

Because you guys have such a great, approachable sound a lot of fans have said that you're their inspiration in life. How do you react to these types of statements?

It's kind of a crazy for me to think about that. I still don't even believe it! It just seems nuts that kids look at us that way. It's awesome; it's extremely flattering but it doesn't even seem real. When I was growing up, whenever I would go see shows I definitely looked at bands the same way. But it's definitely weird to be in the reverse role now where we're the people who maybe inspire kids or influence kids to decide to do things in their life or affect how they think or whatever. So it's definitely cool and very flattering. 

You guys are going to be in Denver this weekend and I see you're playing both an in-store and a full set in the same day. Is it hard to play two sets back-to-back and keep things fresh?

It's not too challenging. We like to do the acoustic stuff and we try to change up the acoustic songs so they do sound a little different than what kids expect with the full band set later that night. It's kinda fun to be able to do those different things. It's not too difficult, I don't look at it as that big of a deal!

I see that you guys are shooting a video for "Like We Used To" in just a couple days. What can you tell us about the video?

Well, the whole plot goes along with the lyrics of the song pretty well. About a dude who's trying to get over a girl that he lost and tying back into when they were together. It's going to take place at an old drive-in movie theater and kinda have a country music video type feeling. It should be very cool, I'm very excited to shoot it.

What's next for A Rocket to the Moon?

We're wrapping up the Take Action Tour this next week unfortunately. After that we're going out with a band called Motion City Soundtrack with Sing It Loud. That will be in April so if you live in the Midwest or East to Southeast try to come and hang out with us for that! I guess just be on the lookout for the "Like We Used To" video and buy the record! (Laughter)


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